Been eating way too much lately

And I haven’t been exercising like I used to, so I’ve put on at least 5 pounds in the past month. I’m afraid to weigh myself to see if it’s now more than 5 lbs- it probably is. I’m still well below what I used to weigh, but if I keep this up that is going to change. Could it be the Haldol stimulating my appetite, or am I just suddenly lacking in willpower and motivation? I don’t know, though I wonder if anyone else has had this problem on Haldol or if it’s just me. I’m on a low dose though… :confused:

I just made a frozen pizza and ate the whole damn thing … again. It makes me feel like I’m just weak; I should be able to stop myself from doing this. I keep having such an urge to eat, though.

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Haldol makes me hungry but I try and fight the urge. I stopped drinking soda so that has aided my weight loss. I use to have the want to exercise but I just don’t feel like it


Yeah, I mostly drink water and black coffee, though I do drink a half liter Pepsi most days. I eat my calories more so than drinking them.

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I eat junk food quite a bit but i’m cutting back little by little. like requesting yogurt instead of ice cream or cases of water instead of cases of soda.


same here. not really my fault though, when dinners are pushed on me. but before i start throwing them out, i might try to see if I can exercise a bit more. I used to do muscle-strengthening exercises every day, but i’ve cut back after moving. i’ve been walking a lot though. i’m thinking of raising my moderate-intensity cardiovascular activities to high-intensity, so that i can slowly start to add a bit more muscle strengthening exercises into my daily schedule.

i’ve never been good with controlling my diet, since i get dinners pushed on me anyways. but i’ve done small accomplishments like not ordering fast food for more than a month (and still going!) i also stopped eating unhealthy cereal and replaced it with boring cereal.

I call my weight gain my "winter coat,"
now it’s time to "take my coat off.

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I just ate 8 biscuits before go ti the bed. Now I have regrets, but when I’m eating I can’t stop :neutral_face:

Are biscuits really cookies or are you talking flat bread?

Biscuits are cookies.


Sorry I meant cookies, integral cookies :slightly_smiling_face:

Eight is not too many, your just getting started. You still have some left in the package don’t ya’?

I had dinner yet, so… it wasn’t necessary! Haha
I’m trying to follow a personal diet :smile:

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sometimes my appetite fluctuates too for 'female reasons though’
I am trying to stay healthy as much as I can.

Maybe you are emotionally eating, stressed out etc? You know now the weather is much nicer, can you go for walks more often at night?

OR if you can buy or prepare some healthy snacks with protein dips, that helps too. Instead of making pizza, have some carrots with lime and dip them in hummus or tzatziki etc ?

Also if you drink a lot of water, that helps too. You can make some cinnamon / honey / lemon infused in a 1L water and have 2 glasses a day.

Good luck


I think it is okay to eat a large quantity of healthy foods and it is important to limit intake of unhealthy foods. One snack I had today was sliced bananas with almond butter on top sprinkled with cinnamon. I ate at least 5 bananas and it helped my craving for sugar go down, otherwise I probably would have bought some cake at the store.

Even healthy foods like bananas contain fructose, which is fruit sugar, and to your body, sugar is still sugar.
All things in moderation…even healthy stuff.


This is true, thanks for the tip :purple_heart:

Yeah, I do drink a lot of water. I don’t think I’m any more stressed than I normally am, so I don’t think it’s stress eating. I can’t really go for walks in my neighborhood; it’s not safe here, but I can force myself to start going to the gym again. I’m not good at dieting; I rely on exercise to help me lose weight, lots of exercise.

I worked up the nerve to weigh myself this morning, and my weight gain is not as bad as I thought. I’ve gained just 3 pounds, so not so bad. It’s still the opposite of what I want to do, though. My target weight is only about ten pounds less than where I’m at now, I lost 25 pounds late last year, but I haven’t lost any weight in months, so it’s a little discouraging.

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One thing I learned is that cortisol is not present in children of Holocaust survivors, because epigenetics carried the trait to their offspring. Cortisol helps us bounce back from stress and trauma. If you get a larger stomach from eating, that means that your medicine is working. I read a study a while back that said that people who gain weight on their meds have less symptoms.

Hunger sucks…

I rarely to never drink my calories. I mostly just drink plain tap water and black coffee without additives. That keeps the calories way down. I never drink soda pop. Not even diet. Especially not diet. I track all of my calories on calorie tracking app. And I exercise every single day at activities which I love. Doing all of this has allowed me to lose over 50 pounds and keep it off over a two year span. I continue to track my calories even after losing the weight. My BMI is 22.2

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