It is driving me nuts

past few days its been really bad for me.
the commenting voices, are almost studying/observing me.
they repeat some words that i think, combined with inserts of new words.
and thus making whole new scentences.
it is driving me nuts. its like my head could explode at any moment due to pressure
not in any specific region.
that could be an indication that they do it with some sort of technology

its almost like having this kind of situation where every you go, critizing

I have a commentator. Constant chatter and ponder. I do sympathize with your situation. Please forgive when I say, I really like old Waldorf and Stattler up there. Those two guys are the type of old man I want to be.

yeah, the picture was purely because i couldnt find something more
my voices are not as cool as them.

but thanks, for your sympathy and comment and i know
i am not the only one here

all right - super silly, but there -


this is what my bosses at MI6 look like, funny chatty guys, untill you give them a machine gun !
take care

m16 heh,
are you one of them?

i work in containment, that basically means i look through info from telephone conversations to laptop/computer info.
you look for words used and patterns but you guys don’t have anything to worry about, i don’t dob in my own kind .
take care

so you basicly say your 6,nsa,fbi,bvd, etc

you better work in containment, otherwise i would slap you silly… its on…

dark sith picks up the dusty phone on his desk.
" hello, i would like to speak to agent bond "
" one moment please , " tick…tick…tick " just putting you through ".
" bond here, what is the matter dark sith ? ".
dark sith talks quietly down the phone, " we seem to have a problem ! "
take care

i tell you was your problem…
you lack discipline…

and my cat didnt approve, so now it is in hunting mode.

agent bond takes the lift to the basement.
for some reason the inside of the lift, he thinks to himself, always smells of piss !
he wonders if the cleaners have ever heard of bleach !
or maybe MI6’s budget does not go that far, he frowns and then smirks.
he walks to his car, his faithful aston martin.
it was time to meet the legendary dark sith , the man of shadows.
take care

little that james bond knew…
was the man he would meet aka dark sith
was a female that normally goes trough by life under the name
ihasnounderpants. so the plot thickens…

james bond could see the car behind , it had two occupants, he watched , then indicated to the right, the car followed.
bond had already nicknamed them ’ laurel and hardy ‘, as they were inept at keeping a low profile , bond indicated to the right again , he watched in his rear view mirror , they followed .
the streets were reasonably quiet, it was still early, the digital clock in the car was showing seven o’clock.
he pushed hard down on the accelerator, the car rocketed into action, he could feel his body being pushed back into the plush upholstery of the aston martins expensive seats.
let’s see how fast you can go boys’ , he thought to himself !..
take care

and suddenly… boom.
the car crashed into a wall, it was fire all arround james and the people arround it.
tears flowed, as was the atmosphere it was thickned by the vile screams of horror and terror.
yet within those moments of dispair, a thumbing sound appeard not once… yet multiple…

the mist surrounding the scenery, dumbed down…
1 big step, kaboom, 2e big step, kaboom
suddenly an cat arrouse out of the sceneary…
it was all silent…

it openend it jaws… and said…