Isolation and me many years ago


Many years have passed sense I’ve felt this way
But in the past I isolated
I didn’t know then how damaging it could be
But I isolated a lot
I had no social interaction
I had no socializaition.
The schizophrenia in my mind caused me to want to withdrawl
But later I found some good meds
I began to interact with my fellow human beings
I began to behave like a social animal that I am
Now thanks to some hard work my recovery is in full tilt
Thank you


Yes. Isolating is bad. I am doing bad. I am working on it.

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Good to hear you’re working on it. As human beings we need other people to have a fulfilling and thriving life. Way to go Kxev!

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I have had one interaction with another person besides building management and cashiers in person and that was my therapist in the past twelve months. Since then I have talked to her on the phone. I don’t have the opportunity to socialize.

Maybe you could join a support group or join a gym.

There’s no support group I know of. I can’t go to a gym, I just can’t do that, I’m too sick. I used to go to AA. There’s one group I’d like to go to. The others aren’t meeting, that I went to.

Thats awesome @simpjeff1. I have a nasty habit of wanting to isolate. I’ve been like that since high school when i had a bad bought with social anxiety that caused me to become a hermit for around a yr before my mom got me help.

With the right meds i was better than ever and actually became a social butterfly… i was popular in school and everything until this stupid schizophrenia started. Now i find it hard to socialize. When on the right combo of meds and constant exposure i do become more normal on the social end but i dont really socialize on the level of normal people unless i have too( inpatient at the mental hospital).

U give me hope that if i fight this desire to seclude and do what i have to do i too can live a relatively normal life and I shouldnt settle for living in isolation… thanks!!!


Keep working towards recovery Jazzy! Way to go!


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