How did you deal with isolation

I just don’t feel like socializing,or even make appearance.I like to avoid,hide from people.Is anyone like me but somehow things changes?
If things did change for you,what is it or how did you make the change?

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I socialize mostly with my family. You just kinda have to go do it. I keep up with the calendar and try to make an appearance every few weeks so I keep in touch. For me the getting out of the house is the hard part and once I’m out it gets easier.


Forcing it. Had to fake it till I made it, was no way around it for me unfortunately. My meds helped me a little with motivation, but in the end it was me that had to take all the necessary steps to reintegrate into society. Takes time and is extremely uncomfortable for awhile, but its worth it.

And for the love of god please do not do what I did at first and cope with alcohol or other drugs. Does not go well.

I have faith in you, so long as your symptoms are managed with medication and you can summon the motivation, you can do this!


I was very socially isolated for 9 years and I did extremely well. Now, I am living with someone and doing even better.

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I’ve minimized interaction with others for most of my life. That’s why I’m doing relatively okay right now while everyone else is developing mental health issues from isolating. I was born for this ■■■■.

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