Is this rational?

My mom and stepdad are out to get me. I know they are. The spirits are telling me they are after me, and as soon as I swallowed my meds I knew they were poison. Couldn’t throw them up, but I won’t be taking my tomorrow morning meds, I can’t or I’ll die.

Don’t worry, you won’t die. I can understand the paranoia, one thing that can help is practicing having these hallucinations without entertaining them or letting them bother you. It gives you power over them.

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I don’t think that’s rational. Whatever the case, if you feel you are a threat to yourself, or others, or if you feel like you are in grave danger, you can call an emergency number like 911. I know the medications suck, but you may want to rethink not taking them. If you feel they are not good for you, tell your psychiatrist, or even a primary care doctor. Mental illness in any form can be hard to deal with. Paranoia is a tough symptom.


The Meds are not poison.
You will feel much better on them.
Call your pdoc if these Delusions persist.



I don’t feel like it’s delusional. My brain wouldn’t lie to me like that, why would it. My brain is there to help me.

My brain lied to me then I ended up in the Hospital.
Believe me they are Delusions.
Your Mom and Stepdad are not trying to poison you.

Unfortunately not our brains. That’s something I’m realizing recently. I don’t think it is possible to think through this illness, it takes the right type of treatment.

I am sorry that you are suffering. I feel victimized too so I understand. I would say that it is highly unlikely that your meds are poison. You kept down the ones you took before and you are fine. I agree that if these thoughts become overwhelming, you should call 911.

I hope you feel better soon.

You won’t die. The medications are safe when taken as directed. A lot safer than being psychotic. Your family just wants you to feel better.

I don’t know if it will help but you can also call the pharmacy (the number will be on the bottle) to assure yourself that these are medicines, not poisons.

I took my medication after a bit of persuasion from my mom. Feeling a bit better