Ridiculous but still believable

That my boyfriend is the devil, that my family was killed off and replaced by clones, and that I’m the next dictator (one of many)

Yes, it is ridiculous. I suggest you tell it to your pdoc.


Even one of those assumptions is a sure sign you are delusional. You gotta take meds if you aren’t already so you can focus on living your life instead of being trapped in meaningless delusions. It sounds like your mind is in a bad place so if you quit your meds for some reason I recommend taking them again asap so your mind calms down and you get in touch with reality again.

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Or is it more believable that you are suffering from delusions?

I hope so. I’m getting a capacity evaluation and I think I will pass it and they will say I have no problems just paranoia at most. So what becomes of my delusions then if the psychiatrist says I’m fine?

He won’t…

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He will if I don’t volunteer this info.

And why wouldn’t you volunteer this information? How can he help you if you don’t?

Because this is so my parents don’t get guardianship over me.

That will only happen if you become a danger to others or to yourself. If you act ‘normal’ with people you have nothing to fear and a lot to gain from being honest with him.

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No my parents are trying to do this now.

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