What to do, my paranoia is back

I am scared of my mom killing me and putting medication (mostly antipsychotics/sedatives) in my food. Seems like my meds aren’t working :frowning:

Tell your doctor this.

And your Mom brought you to the Hospital to help you…because she loves you.

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I had that fear with my brother.

Try to reality check. What would she have to gain from putting meds in your food?
Why would she want you dead?

She’s your mum, she loves you and wouldn’t want to hurt you.

Try to do some breathing exercises to calm down, I can recommend a great one for anxiety if you want.

I can try breathing exercises, although they never worked for my anxiety (which isn’t mild) :confused:

Also I think she wants to kill me and drug me because she hates me

At least, you recognize it’s your paranoia

Yeah that’s good since I have insight

Btw everyone who said I don’t have insight is wrong

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It’s very possible that you didn’t have insight and do have it now due to hindsight

I get this paranoia of my mother in law going to poison me because she hates me

I know it’s absurd but I still believe it

What to do about it? I avoid her as much as I can

It must be hard for you as you live with your mom and can’t avoid her

I’m sorry you’re going through this. Do speak to your pdoc!

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