Making people think they are crazy

Sometimes people can have issues yes.

But there are those who can mess with your mind.

Sometimes they run around and make people believe they are insane.

They can control your mind, cause hallucinations of every sort, make you do weird ■■■■, make you delusional, all of it really.

Sometimes when they do it the people know they are doing it.

Hence the cancer i suppose.

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I’m sorry tonight is such a rough night for you. I don’t really know how to respond to your posts without either minimizing your fears or feeding into your delusions, but just know I care.

I have similar concerns. I am sorry you are feeling overwhelmed by these thoughts.

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I don’t have all of the facts but i’m not delusional, i’m being slaughtered.

They’ve made it very clear the things they can do and wanted me to know.

My problem has taken so many external and physical turns it’s rediculous, not to mention the neverending supernatural ■■■■ going on.

I’m sorry. That sounds horrible.

I don’t want to feed a delusion but rather to empathize. I also believe, wholeheartedly, that my delusion is real (That’s what makes it a delusion vs just having a vivid imagination). I think my being ‘mentally ill’ is all part of the deal. I also have paranoia that I am going to be terrorized and/or tortured and it seems very real to me. I think meds are our best bet. I take mine faithfully every night and I take more if the paranoia gets too bad (my Rx is written that way). I KNOW it can be overwhelming and painful. Probably the main reason I take my meds is for the horrible paranoia that comes with the delusion. Even with meds, it never goes completely away. I’m always scared. I really hope you have a pdoc and meds. If it’s not a delusion, it won’t matter right? So may as well get the therapy and take the drugs. Certainly can’t hurt and you may feel a lot better. That’s my view. I really hope you feel better.

Meds kill people very slowly.

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Maybe we should be giving the meds to those who mess with our heads instead of taking them ourselves?