Is this overmedication?

I’m on 200mg of clozapine + abilify injection every 3 weeks

Well you were having delusions / paranoia while on the abilify shot so maybe you need a combo but the question remains if clozapine should be in that combo

Yeah I think clozapine should be a last resort drug

As i said in so many words before the pdoc is likely trying to deal with your case quickly without trial and error.

Well atleast I don’t have delusions anymore

I dont have them anymore either

You asked this before, 200 mg clozapine isnt so much, Abilify neither.

yeah but clozapine is supposed to be a last resort drug

Doses are fine, not even close to max dose.

Clozapine can be a first resort if the person is deemed severe enough to warrant, normally reserved for those that have fully lost insight, and are considered a danger. They probably thought you wouldn’t respond well enough with a drug of lesser efficacy.

Give it time.

I’m on a max dose of the abilify shot tho