Is 300mg of clozapine enough?

Especially when im weaning off the injection

It depends … everyone is different.

I mean I used to be on 5mg abilify for a number of years and then 10mg. Some don’t consider that to be therapeutic dosages but it worked for me.

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Did it remove ur delusions and other symptoms

I don’t have any delusions. I didn’t on 5mg either but they increased it because of my mood.

Oh sorry for assuming you have delusions

I was taking 300mg. Now i take 200mg

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I do when I don’t take meds

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Are u taking other meds? Does it work for ya?

Yes, haloperidol injection and chlorpromazine. Im better than ever

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i’m on 200mg clozapine each day. but i also get a 2 weekly injection of risperdal consta 50mg

Everyone is different. I take 500mg a day. :bear::bear::bear:

They didnt want me to go off the injections bc otherwise they need to increase the clozapine dose too high

so you gonna stay on the injections too?

Yes likely so :frowning:

ah yea, bummer for you =(

Ye i’m very sad i thought i could go off the shot

sorry to hear that…

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