Why is my doc prescribing Clozapine

when they haven’t tried other meds besides Abilify injection (which I’m on too)

Why didn’t you ask him? It’s weird that he prescribed you something without you being involved in the decision?

That is a good question. Clozapine tends to only be prescribed to patients that are considered close to treatment resistant.

I asked her but she just said because the Abilify shot didn’t work alone

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Ye i can’t get rid of the clozapine because they say it’s an important med

Well, I would trust my doc! But do ask if you can try other meds before going on clozapine.

I’m on clozapine already

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Ok. Well as I said trust your doc. Perhaps you can be on a low dosage along with abilify??

Yes its a low dose but still sucks

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Give it a shot. :wink:

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