Why did my doc prescribe only 25mg of clozapine

At the beginning… :confused:

Because raising levels of a med to quickly can be dangerous

Yeah but she had 2 months tk increase the dose and didn’t

It took me 4 weeks to titration up the clozapine. I too started on 25mg. It’s just the way it is done because it can have fatal side effects. Pdoc are very cautious with this med


What dose are you now on? And did they increase by 25mg or lower

Am not on it anymore. But I think it was increased by something like 25mg a day. They had a set timetable they followed


Most Aps you are slowly weaned onto in the beginning, firstly so you get a tolerance and your body can cope with it, and secondly so they can check for side effects and your not over-medicated.

Its completley normal.

I feel sedated but the paranoid thoughts havent disappeared yet

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What dose of clozapine are you on now?

Also because you are a pediatric patient and therefore need smaller doses than an adult patient.

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only 37.5mg because they increase it slowly

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Give it time. I was told a couple of months before the symptoms dis appeared, but i was fine within days. And some of us still have the paranoid thoughts, it maybe be something you have to learn to live with.

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yeah but i weight the same as an adult and im 16

Weight is not the only factor. Your brain isn’t fully developed yet, and your hormones are VERY different from the hormones of an adult.

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well yeah i get that :frowning:

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id however expect the abilify shot to work too cuz its on max dose

I’m sorry you haven’t found a good med combo yet. It is a journey for most of us. It took me 5 or 6 tries before I found the med that stabilized me, and the past 7 years have been tweaking things to find the optimal functioning level. I don’t know if you are allowed to try supplements, but a lot of us have found that adding Amyloban to our meds has increased their effectiveness. You could always ask your doctor about it. It is very new and doesn’t have a lot of research, so they might not want to try it for you, but it couldn’t hurt to ask.

I just wish i could get rid of these paranoid fears :frowning:

They dont allow us try supplements other than vitamins so yeah…

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Yeah, I think it is a liability thing. We weren’t allowed to give our students anything that wasn’t prescribed by a doctor, because as staff we were only authorized to administer medication, not make decisions on what meds should be given. The parents who wanted their kids on supplements got around that by asking their kids’ doctors to prescribe the supplement, but it only worked for common supplements.

but why stop meds then? I think when they up your clozapine more eventually you will feel better.