Is this overmedication?

I’m on abilify injection and clozapine

I take Clozapine and Ziprasidone. If your medications keep you grounded then it isn’t over medicated.

Idk if they keep me grounded or not

It is individual. If you receive a higher dose than what makes you be able to deal with your symptoms readily, your dose is higher than necessary and that’s overmedication.


These are all meds you take? There is people on 6 meds here. Ask your doctor if you are worried.

You don’t say if they’re unpleasant to take or not. I absolutely hate all the typical ap’s because they make me feel so bad. But if you’re not really suffering from your med’s maybe you should leave things as they are. If you want a change in your med’s, remember to be assertive and not aggressive. If you show your therapist that you’re willing to work on your recovery they will likely work with you to get you your optimum med’s.

i don’t think you are being overmedicated… they still looking for the right meds huh… so they exploring the dosages to see what works for you.

But why am I on two APs

i’m on 2 APs too… it’s not that weird

they work better together :wink: