What is your current medicine and its dosage?

And do you thing you overmedicated?

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250mg haldol injection every 25 days.
200mg clozapine.
300mg chlorpromazine.

350mg trevicta 3 monthly
200 mg seroquel
10 mg abilify but i think they will raise

Abilify maintena 400mg every 3 weeks
And 200mg clozapine

525 mg clozaril, 400mg solian, 250mg lamictal, sertraline 15 mg and one or two others i cant recall at the moment

every 2 weeks 50mg risperdal consta injection
200mg clozapine a day
50mg sertraline a day
75microgram l-thyroxine a day

10 mg Abilify
1.5 mg Klonopin

I was on 20mg of Abilify, but I’ve stepped down in recent months.

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4mg Risperdal
Klonopin as needed

No I’m not over medicated but planning to go down to 3mg of Risperdal eventually.

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2mg Haldol
75mg Effexor
1800mg Gabapentin
30mg Buspirone
25mg Hydroxizine as needed
50mg Trazadone as needed for sleep

Clozapine 350mg
Abilify 10mg
Clonidine .2mg
Glycopyrrolate 3mg

Haldol 20 mg daily. Also lexapro max dose for anxiety.

400mg aripiprazole monthly injection
50mg seroquel at night.

Vitamin D

800mg Amisulpride
5mg Aripiprazole
300mg Pregabalin
up to 25mg Procyclidine
10mg Diazepam
50mg Levomepromazine
20mg Statin

15mg Olanzapin nothing else.

Seraquol 25mg twice a day
Seraqoul 300mg Night
4 week xeplion jab 100mg

Vit B
Protien Shakes

5mg Olazanpine,plus supplement which include whey protein,melatonin and fish oil

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Trevicta/Invega trinza 350mg

10mg asenapine 1x evening
25mg seroquel prn

9 mg invega

That’s all for now.

7,5mg zyprexa

And supplements: fish oil, vit D, vit K2, vit C, B-complex, 500mg niacin 2 times a week, melatonin, lechitin, magnesium, NAC.

I don’t think I’m overmedicated.

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