Am I being overmedicated?

They offer PRN antipsychotics whenever I get anxious and if i dont take them they inject them
Also the main meds are Abilify Maintena 400mg every 3 weeks and clozapine which is being increased to 200-300mg


I dread the injections so I choose pills instead

I was thinking Why d you don’t get something for the side effects like convention or something.

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Well you’re definitely being heavily medicated. However I saw in your other thread that your doctor thinks you have a wobbly sense of reality, meaning you still lose touch with reality sometimes, so you’re probably not being overmedicated. Maybe you really need two APs, some people even need three.

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No. Trust your dr. He’s going to do his best to get you stable.

I am delusion free already

Also no paranoia recently

That’s because of increased doses of your meds. Just follow the program and you’ll get to go back to the foster home

I see. I will stay on meds for at least 3 years

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i see. I think my sense of reality is fine now tho

You only dread them because you want to quit your meds. Get with the program and realize you need to take meds for your condition

I think the shots are embarrassing thats all

You’ve admitted otherwise a couple times already

Yeah but i dont think that anymore
I realise that I need meds

That’s good then. Why did you say you’re going to take them for 3 years? Do you plan to stop treatment when you’re an adult?

the recommended time is 2-5 years i think

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Ok. Just so long as you follow drs advice

@lekkerhondje am i being overmedicated

i don’t think so… they still looking for the right meds and dosages for you but i wouldn’t say you are overmedicated.

I feel really sedated though

yea but you get used to that i think. After a while you don’t feel the sedation so much anymore.