There is more to life than this

There is more to life than just suffering,

I wish I knew what it was though xxx

How are you suffering? I thought you were doing well?

its not just about me, its about everyone,

i am not perfect, far from it actually and i am not ashamed to admit that

fact is we all suffer to some degree or another, its just the way it is, even for normies,


so you disagree with me then?

Since I changed my meds I feel I haven’t suffered. I’m not sure if I won’t suffer again but if I take it one day at a time, I feel today I’m not suffering. Life is good.

When you’re on the right meds and have the right mindset, there’s no suffering I feel.

It’s when you consume yourself with greed, hate, envy…or you have a mental illness that makes you suffer. That is when you suffer. Suffering isn’t mandatory IMO.

maybe, idk i guess when you have suffered for so long its hard to switch it off lol, i’ve been trying to do that like forever,

suffering to me is anything bad that i dont want to do or how i feel bad and anxiety, basically anything bad that has anything to do with me is a form of suffering, the fact that i cant get a gf is a form of suffering,

i just feel like i am surrounded by suffering all the time, it seems to seep into every nook and cranny trying to destroy me but i am defiant and i am trying to destroy it, fkk i could go on about suffering all day, there isnt a moment i am not suffering i think,

maybe negative thinking on my part though, its just so damn hard to shake this sz, even with the right meds and support etc, something always pops up :frowning: something i am always trying to fight off :frowning: thats why i need to find strength somewhere

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Try to turn that all around in your favor. You’ve suffered so long…maybe soon you’ll find the root of your suffering. So when you don’t suffer any longer everything will be :rainbow:'s

After all, what is heaven without hell? What is happiness without suffering either?

I know it’s tough to get out of negative thinking mode but use your suffering as an advantage for the future.


just feels like its a never ending cycle of suffering, idk if anyone else thinks that but yeah i hope i will be happy one day ‘truly happy i mean’ still think you cant get 100%]

Pain is weakness leaving the body. Suffering fortifies character.

I have sometimes hit the peak of pain & suffering in my life, and it turned me into quite the misandrist. Life could be easier if men were not so competitive & controlling, but that is precisely the type of life I had to deal with growing up in this society.

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So we don’t complain about anything when and if we get to a better place or maybe we are just going through the trials and tribulations here to build stamina if we don’t happen to get to a better place. Either way, this place is a pre-requisite to what’s next.

all i know is that everything happens for a reason, idk what that reason could possibly be because i am not God but if there was no reason then there is no point in anything, nothing would make sense, fk, gettin pretty deep now :confused: hope this isnt triggering people :frowning:

Buddha spent an entire lifetime teaching people about suffering and how to be delivered from it. Jesus suffered on the cross. I’m not sure what Muhammad suffered, but I’m sure he suffered from something. The point is, suffering is not always bad, sometimes you have to suffer before you can realize your happiness.


The end result of suffering may be good but the actual experience of suffering while you’re doing it is never good.

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One thing that might help is to set your expectations low . That way your rarely dissapointed. Then you can always improve.
Also put aside perfectionist tendencies.

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