Is the bar lower in the sz community?

Are the expectations lower between sz community and the rest of the world?

In what way do you mean?


Oh man my favorite word expectations. The kind of expectations we have are related to how we simulate reality. If you have an accurate simulation of reality your expectations are considered reasonable. If you are a symptomatic sz your expectations are most likely causing anxiety, fear, and other kinds of distress. Someone with sz if they have an accurate simulation might have lower expectations for their life than someone without it due to living with disability. However they might expect to become a supermodel, become rich and famous or accomplish other lofty goals that are unattainable. So the expectations of someone with sz can really be anything while in most people who have an accurate simulation they reflect reality.


It seems like it for sure.

-you want to be a supermodel??

-delusion !!

-you want to change the world?

-delusion !!

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But your right it’s mostly a bad reality to be in.

I have pretty low expectations for my life. I see no way out of working for the next 30 years unless I die. My life will not be enjoyable as I get older.

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Hope dosen’t harm you know man

I dont mean to sound negative and hope doesnt work for me because it is one of the cognitive traits deception relies on. Wishful thinking, believing without evidence, and accepting a weak argument without criticism. They are considered cardinal virtues. As a veteran sz I try to not become deluded


To be completely honest, yes, the bar is probably set lower in many cases. People with cognitive and negative symptoms goals may not be as high as “normies”. For some people just taking a shower or washing the dishes may be their goals.

I’m not saying that we can’t still achieve things. There are many examples of success on this site, but, yes, I believe that in many cases the bar is set lower.

This shouldn’t dishearten anyone though, you can still achieve great things with sz…it’s just that much more of a challenge.

This is the only response that I can give and be honest with myself.


It’s a lot harder to do anything with voices in your head constantly distracting you.


I should clarify my first post a little bit. Just because the expectation or “bar” is set lower doesn’t mean that you can’t aim higher than the expectation of you is set.



What makes you think I haven’t changed the world?

Not my fault that you set your own sights too low.


Are you calling the posters in this thread “garbage” or the contents of this thread “garbage”, just to clarify?

Unfortonately you did misread that too :slight_smile:

** Unfortunately.

And no I didn’t.



I saw that you started to reply and then stopped @Halozination . If you’ve decided to not answer my question, I am going to assume the worst and suspend you. I expect a reply.

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