Here's what I don't get

People here who don’t aggressively chase recovery.

I was recovering from alcoholism before I started recovering from SZ, but just barely.

“Poor me, poor me, pour me a drink,” is a saying you hear at AA a lot. It’s the truth.

So I’ve been avoiding the whole ‘poor me’ thing.

“There but for the grace of God…” is more my line of thought.

Or, “thank goodness I have SZ instead of __________.”

Replace __________ with partial paralysis, full paralysis, terminal cancer, progeria, MS, ALS, etc., etc.

Every morning I get up and say, “today is the day I kick SZ’s ass.”


The secret to recovery from SZ? Mostly attitude.

Current state of medication? Mediocre.

Current state of psychiatric medicine? Mediocre (for most).

Current state of psychology? Ranges from non-functional to pathetic at best.

What carries you past that?




I’m the little engine that could.

“I think I can, I think I can…”

Been working for me for over two decades.

The people I knew back in the day who were just sitting around waiting for a med to come along and fix all their problems? The ones that aren’t dead are still messed up and waiting (and a distressing number ARE dead).

WE are our own best medicine.

(In addition to meds and therapy – you DO need those for your baseline function.)

Rant over.


I don’t think therapy is right for me, Im not going to listen to suggestions from ppl who have never been through my struggle. I have far too much dignity for that.

Finally someone states what’s been on my mind for ages, the current state of psychiatry is basically in the stone age.

For me medication is my best medicine, I can’t even begin to scrape together what I have left after my episode without the help of meds.

The problem I have with most psychologists and social workers is that they tend to be broken people who are attracted to similarly broken people and you wind up with a craptastic positive feedback loop. Colleges and universities would do the world a huge service if they used their fancy assessment tools to screen out the skeevers, y’know?

Not stone age at all. We’ve moved away from barbaric practices like lobotomies, but the treatments are too much “one size fits all” and often tailored to the lowest common denominator (the same problem we now have with public education). I lucked out and found a good psychiatrist who had my back early on. Those who don’t find that good psychiatrist…

It’s the foundation I’ve built everything else on. Gonna be on meds for life.

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Ive heard it said that therapy should be a mutually growing experience. Perhaps life is more of a circle than a pyramid amongst us.

That is my reflection sir


That would have been my thought. More often than not it winds up feeling like this:


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Lol. You’ve got a good humor :grinning: yet unfortunately in many instances its true.

Im looking into therapy again tho

What is that thing over the face?

creepy image…

It’s from the Alien/Aliens film franchise.

Aggressively chasing recovery is very masculine. I think a female would think in terms of “developing”.

Nah, chordy, I agressively chase recovery and I’m as a woman as a woman gets :slight_smile:

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Not my wife. Not my daughter. Not many of the female students I mentor in archery or new media.

Can I just say that you have the most feminine braided armpits, ever!


My brain is hardwired to recover, @mortimermouse would know what this is called, i forget, but all of the energy that drives me to do anything is all from the one thought: “I must recover”.

It’s a healthy obsession.


I quit drinking at age 21 not as any statement other than I was too hit to live much longer as a free person… I thank aa and the 12 steps amongst my lessons also.

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I’m only aggressive when it comes to food. I wish I could translate that into being more aggressive about money.

I know right? I use conditioner :smile:


I went from “I want to die” to “I want to survive” to “I’m going to live”.

The process took years. Had to unlearn old habits and learn new ones.


Attitude is 95% of life.
Just wish I could find the right one that fits me.