Is suïcide a sin?

I’m constantly thinking about ending my life, but two things are stopping me. I don’t know how to do it effectieve and painlessly, plus I’ve been raised catholic. Catholics believe suïcide is a sin. I don’t really believe anymore, but I still fear the repercussions if suïcide turns out to really be a sin.

I think there are a lot of stigma and misunderstanding surrounding suïcide, and a lot of people don’t take into account how much a person had to be suffering to take their own life.

What do you guys think? Is suïcide a sin?

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If you a religious man then yes it is a sin


I think it varies from culture to culture if it is considered an unpardonable sin. I know the ancient Romans regarded suicide as a legitimate alternative if a person was so beset by horrors that life was no longer tenable to them. I would say wait before you do anything precipitous. Things can get better.


If life is no longer tenable to a person how do things get better? Just curious.

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Life can go from untenable to tenable. There isn’t finality in the untenable phase, though a lot of people think there is when they are down.


Islamic suicide bombers consider blowing themselves up for a cause as a tribute to Allah.
Japanese Kamikaze fighters direct their planes toward their enemy targets in hopes of winning the war.

Men are more likely than women to commit suicide.


It’s just a really sad way to go and I’m sorry you are having these thoughts @Chester_Navarro.


@Chester_Navarro, please see a doctor about these thoughts and feelings. Life can always get better. You just need some help. Five years ago, I was homeless. All my family and friends had given up on me, and I thought I was going to die anonymously in an alley. But then, I checked myself into the hospital. I found the right medication combo for me, and things slowly started to improve. It took a lot of time, but now I’m married, I own a house, and I spend my life helping people. You can recover, also. It just takes time and work.


I agree with @ninjastar it can get better, get some help, I know what that’s like it’s awful, I was there very recently too, but I am in a better place right now. I hope you can get there too.

To answer your question though, officially in the Catholic faith it is a sin but I don’t see how any decent deity would treat the pain involved with suicide and punish them, that’s just sad to even think. But please don’t do it you can make your life better, suicidal thoughts show you are unwell so,rather than let them take over get someone to listen or maybe you need med alterations. There’s a way through it’s harder but it will be worth it when you find something good that has come from surviving. Think what it is you want to change or do most and have someone create an action plan with you, suicide isn’t the only option


Sin or not, suicide is definitely something bad. If you are thinking about it, contact your doctor or hospital as soon as possible!!

Theologically it is a sin if you did it with full knowledge and deliberate consent, while usually people that did it had lost reason and contact with reality.
As for the punishment for sins, it doesn’t come from God (he is omnibenevolent) but from the discomfort of being evil in front of the all good.


I have been suicidal at many points and was careless enough to act on it at different times. Suicide is not an option. It causes pain to those who are left behind, especially if you have children. Think about what it would do to your parents. I also grapple with the idea that it is a sin, and that if you choose to end your life yourself, there may be consequences in the afterlife. Life can always change, Things will get better. New medications and treatments are getting better all the time. Just ask any of us who got sick in earlier decades, the meds were much harder to deal with and hospitals were rougher too. Not that your problems aren’t real and valid, but to just assume that your life is over now seems a little myopic. I’m glad I didn’t end my life, I am happy now and very glad to be alive. Have a little faith in yourself and the world you live in, maybe a higher power if you believe in that kind of thing.


I’m not going to justify suicide by telling you it isn’t really a sin.
I don’t believe in a higher power, but I do believe suicide is a sin. It’s a sin you commit towards yourself, by robbing yourself from the chance to see life getting better.
It’s committing a sin toward those who love you because you rob them of you. You give them life-long pain and sadness and guilt-feeling, and you take away from them a person they love and want to get better.

I’m sorry if it sounds harsh, that’s not my intention.
But please don’t glorify suicide into being something great or necessary when it’s not.

Seek help, keep fighting.


I believe suicide is a sin and that it is bad for karma. I’ve died before and I’m still here. I just time travel. But I also experienced bad karma or trauma. I’ve been to hell ( literally) and back.


I don’t think suicide is a sin in most cases. Only if you have family that rely on you for money then it is a sin. I have tried once before and it was a sin because I would have forced my sister to take care of my animals. Also I had disability money that would have stopped. I was under mind control at that attempt. I got a little better over time by taking 3 different psych meds. you need to try every anti psychotic on the market before you even consider something like this. Even if the side effects are bad. You really have nothing to lose.

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I’m trying everything but nothing works. Should I commit Suicide when all favorite celebrities are telling me to do so constantly and without remorse?

Call your pdoc or go to the hospital.


Just a joke friend. I will never commit suicide, as I have learned to live with the sickness and stay alive on a day to day basis. I’m sorry if I have disturbed you with my post. I mean no Harm. I just have different humor than others. :-/


@FaveDaveSchiz never joke about suicide ever again on this site.


Sorry. My mistake. :frowning:


I think it is a sin.