Is suïcide a sin?

■■■■■■■■. Sometimes things don’t get better. With schizophrenia things almost never get better.

@Chester_Navarro, almost all of us have schizophrenia. If life can get better for us, it can get better for you. I’ve had schizophrenia since I was 14, and didn’t start to recover until I was 24.


They do get better. And if you kill yourself, you won’t get to see that.
If you kill yourself, you’re just giving up.

Some might ask “What’s the point in trying?” The point in trying is that nothing gets better by giving up and saying “feck it, things can only go downhill from here.” That’s not going to make you happy.

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Catholics think suicide is a sin cause if you wait patiently for your death…it will come at the right time …being inorder with heaven God and angels. If you take matters in your own hands…personally i think you will be in painafter you die…cause you couldnt finnish everything here that you had to…it will torment you after death.

And if you wait patiently for your time …at the time of death you will feel.peace.


Whether it’s a sin or not, don’t commit suicide. Don’t make that an option. Miracles happen and you may be doing better in the future. You never know. My life isn’t the best but tons of good things happen to me all the time. Believe me, I’ve felt suicidal and hopeless a million times but I am so happy I never attempted suicide. My life is a 150% better than when I was younger when they locked me up for 8 months in the psychiatric hospital. Not a fun place and I wasn’t happy.

Now, with a little wisdom and and hard earned experience and perspective at age 56 after having schizophrenia for 38 years, life is easier to tolerate and manageable.

I’m not ecstatically happy all the time but I have my moments. Whether it’s a sin or or not is irrelevant because there’s too much to live for. If you have eyes you can enjoy nature. If you have ears you can enjoy music. If you have a nose, well, women smell great! And so on. Don’t let the bastar*s get you down; Just tolerate them and kill them with kindness.

If this was the 1920’s or 1950’s or whenever my label would be “insane”. But this is 2017 and today I’m driving my car on an absolutely gorgeous day with Led Zeppelin blasting from my car speakers, sipping a coke, just kind of daydreaming and trying to ignore the teenage predators who want to drag me down. I am in 100% ecstasy when I fool them and give them a taste of their own medicine. They’re probably nice people to their families and great sons but to me they’re just annoyances. I can learn something from them but I don’t need them so to me they don’t exist.

Anyways, I’ve seen too many miraculous comebacks to count out people like you or me. I understand suffering, I had no choice in the matter but now that I survived I have many choices. People are usually good but a lot of them are misguided and chose the wrong path in life. Just keep in mind that people are OK and it will make your life a little easier.

I mean you have all these people on here who don’t even know you who are taking their time and effort to try to help you because we care. Because we’ve all been where you’re at. Stick around, whatever your experience is in life you have much to offer and someday you may be able to return the favor and help someone out. And that my friend, is what life is all about.


In the world of christianity suicide is a sin, I’m not sure about other religions.

I’m really happy for you @ninjastar
This moved me.


yes… it damages other people… and I believe that is what really underlies a sin being a sin… Damage to the self often leads to damaging others…

some of the “sins” of old really otherwise just seem like a way to utilize god’s weight in forcing people to be responsible.


Yes it’s a sin because all life is precious, and none of your friends and family want to see you dead. Sometimes sz. is so painful I get verbally abused by this group of people yelling at me and saying they want me dead it scares me sometimes, but my life must go on.

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Not Funny @FaveDaveSchiz.

okay - thank you @77nick77

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Because I was hopelessly insane for my first two years with paranoid schizophrenia. I was nothing special when I got sick I spent the entire 80’s in hospitals and group homes. In those two years I had no sign that I would ever recover. I was suicidal often, I felt hopeless, like giving up. Back then people might have liked me but I sure didn’t feel it. I had nothing and I was 20 years old. I had no money, no girlfriend, no friends, no car, no college. Nothing. In the late 80’s came a four year crack addiction on top of all my other woes. I had every reason to commit suicide. But things got better. Not easy, but better. I quit drugs and drinking. I went to college and became employed. I got a car. Nice housing.

Cut to today. It’s my day off from my janitor job which I’ve been at for 5 years. It might be menial but it pays well and you HAVE to give me credit for just showing up three days a week and being in a busy office building for 6 hours for 5 years, whether I felt bad, crazy, tired, depressed, hungry. Whatever else is going on in my life I show up. Anyways, today I had a podiatrist appointment. I got lost and called and cancelled but I turned a bad day into a good day by taking a drive and enjoying the weather with Led Zeppelins “Rock & Roll” from their second album playing on my CD player. (in my opinion. an underrated song by the way).

Drove around enjoying the scenery. Came home to my nice fairly new apartment fixed myself a leisurely meal, did the dishes, talked to my roommate. Relaxed, then took care of some pressing business with my car insurance company. My job gives me paid vacation so this Monday I have a mini-vacation.

THIS is why you don’t give up.


Things change. A seemingly hopeless situation can change. I speak from first hand experience.

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My apologies. :-/

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yes, its a sin, one of the worst sins tbh, and it doesnt matter whether you are religious or not, sin is sin and apparently we are all sinners anyway, i atone for my sins every week.

i am a survivor, i attempted Dec 2009 but i was saved and i am very grateful i was, i have been told that if you commit suicide then you may not get in through the pearly gates, its sad but its true, i know this now with hindsight, i will never ever attempt again and i hope that you don’t either.

take care

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Please - NO - there is enough grief surrounding suicide as it is. And know one knows this is true anyway. @Resilient1 This is a trigger for many.

Besides - religion is NOT discussed on this site.


i didn’t bring this up

i would question this remark but obviously i am not going to get into a debate about heaven and hell as this thread will get closed down.

I thought this was a very meaningful and appropriate response to the original heading, people who are at risk from suicide need to know that it is the worst thing you can do bc it is,

if you want to silence me it is at your own loss, i am entitled to an opinion and it is not fair getting singled out like this all the time.

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You are entitled to have an opinion, as long as you are able to show that you are aware it’s an OPINION, an IDEA, a VIEWPOINT, not a fact.

Just because it feels right to you doesn’t mean it is.
Just because you believe in an unforgiving God, doesn’t mean he exists.

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apparently i am not allowed an opinion as i get flagged for having one and reported and my post is hidden,

and btw, please dont bait me as i am not here to argue.

i listen to what people say but like you i dont have to agree with that, it works both ways.

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