Is psychosis worse than a LSD trip?

i say its ten times worse


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I’d say it’s worse… LSD is controllable and doesn’t last for months.

Psychosis hits when ever.

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Yeah psychosis is way worse.

I never had a bad trip though.

Well one big difference is that LSD is fun. Schizophrenic psychosis is not fun at all. So yes, psychosis is worse. It’s a no-brainer.


LSD lasts approx 8 hrs while sz psychosis lasts 6+ month. Even if you have a really bad trip on acid, there’s no comparison between the two.


I’ve always been curious to try hallucinogenics…they’re supposed to be a big no-no for anyone with a psychotic disorder though so I should probably stay away…still though. If they ever had a research trial and needed subjects!

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Don’t do it Anna.

Try cid ■■■■ your life up worse than my life is.

Worse than an LSD trip??? Nothing is better than an LSD trip so I’d say yes.

“hey kids do you like vioelence, wanna see me stick 9 inch nails into each one of my eyelids, try cid and get ■■■■■■ up worse than my life is”

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Yeah that’s how it goes. Thanks man.

Always thought the wording sounded odd.

It would be more out of curiosity to see if I could “control” the hallucinations the same way I did with my sleep paralysis ones and the way I influence my dreams.

But yeah, you’re right, it’s a terrible idea.

They’re significantly different experiences. When I tried LSD it was very spiritual and I saw fractals everywhere. There was no paranoia or delusions for me.

I don’t think you could. I can’t control my voices when I smoke weed. It really gives it a life of its own as your subconscious becomes a lot more active when the brain is lit up by those chemicals. Or that’s how it seems to me.

If you ever try psychedelics (and I don’t suggest you do since you have sz) make sure to have a “trip sitter”. A friend (preferably with experience) to watch over you and make sure nothing goes wrong. I’ve only tried LSD once and I think having a friend nearby to reassure me would have helped the trip be much better.

i disagree psychosis i felt alive, like the world centered around me and everything had a deeper meaning, it was fun for me not for everyone else.

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I agree that when ingesting acid somebody that isn’t tripping and willing to look after your well being for a day or 2 is a must

But if were to compare the sz experience to a drug ? id say pcp or meth would be more accurate because in my experience sz plays on your emotions first.

The LSD trip is a psychosis, lol. The effects of a trip do not necessarily last 8 to 12 hours, but a permanent psychosis can be triggered. The effects can be so traumatic as to be permanent. I had a trip in which I was hospitalised and I would rather die than go through that again. At one point I started to climb up a wall in order to jump off a bridge as I could not stand what I was going through. I did not know what I was doing, but I think deep inside me I just needed to escape and was going to kill myself in order to do so. Being totally out of control I could not take what was happening to me and ended up in hospital. I know I started throwing people around and was heavily sedated and strapped down with people looking over me. I was not possible for me to ride this trip out as it was beyond words and would have driven me insane.