Psychedelics and schizophrenia

Is there any proof that psychedelics can make schizophrenia worse? Are there any links?

I mean, if you essentially wanna re-induce psychosis all over again, be my guest.


Psychedelics feel nothing like psychosis

There is a strong chance you will experience visual abnormalities and exacerbate whatever symptoms you currently have.

What I’m saying is you probssss shouldn’t risk it.


I’ve dropped acid about twenty times. And I was psychotic for two years straight when I first got sick. My instincts tell me that psychedelics would not be good for me.

I’ve only taken acid once since I’ve been ill. I got high and went to family group therapy, lol.


If psychedelics can cure schizophrenia then it would be a psychological disorder and I don’t think it is completely.

Why on earth do you wish to gamble with your mind like that, if it is already fragile?

All of us have the problem, that our mind does psychedelic trips by itself. And that we feel overwhelmed by that. Making any of us have more of that, just doesn’t seem like the best of ideas.


I have been reading there is no connection, and can, in fact, reduce anxiety.


They probs tested substances on healthy individuals.

Stop fishing.

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Too tired to read now, will read tomorrow. Maybe I was too quick to judge. I haven’t actually researched it. I have spoken with someone who recommended I use three weeks of a strong psychedelic, but I decided it to be too risky. I responded badly to a milder psychedelic even before becoming psychotic. As I have understood psychedelics are unpredictable in their effect, even if you havent got sz. It just instinctively seems like a very bad idea. Will read into it though tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep.

Psychedelics are probably not the same for each schizophrenic.

This is a really bad idea and I think you are going to ■■■■ your brain up by doing acid after having psychosis.

I heard MDMA/esctacy is maybe least problematic drug for someone with SZ to take.

I got my first psychotic episode after a bad trip on shrooms it wasn’t pleasurable.


I mean, one hit of weed makes me extremely psychotic. I can’t imagine willingly doing psychedelics. To each their own, I guess.


They didnt help me any. I have to time my pot consumption carefully or it makes me too paranoid.

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Tonnes. Do the Google.

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I’ve never had a bad trip in my life and have affected me positively.

And my schizophrenia started a year and a half after my previous trip.

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Thats fair,I had several, I won’t tell you to go for it thats your choice, most people seem to had bad experiences on here.

People have recommended a substance called harmalas which is psychedelic like but doesn’t hurt the brain in the same way

Up until that point you were just playing with matches. Having SZ now means that you’ll be playing with matches while standing in a rather large pool of gasoline. If you think you have problems with SZ now…

No way I would ever chance it myself.