Don’t want to talk about drugs really but it’s similar to schizophrenia

I just have this kind of feeling that people who take drugs a lot have some idea about what schizophrenia is like.
It’s just that with schizophrenia you get lost in the worst possible extreme moment of fear or paranoia or other - and it stays at that peak for weeks months or years

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Thats basically how I see it,

Yeah kind of.

It’s all biochemical. Drugs will give you an idea of what is going on but psychosis is just so much harder to deal with. On top of that symptoms persist without the drug for schizophrenics. You take acid your down after 10 hours and it’s out of your body. Sz. That stuff is full 24/7 till the meds cut it…and even then for some it don’t!

I think that enlightenment is a chemical process. Sz and other disorders it really is and drugs is just a chemical reaction as well…it’s all on the spectrum. I think in the current world where certain drugs are being made legal it shows some things. Pot isn’t good for sz’s. Probably decent for depressives…but it’s all in the scheme of things!


I don’t think anyone really knows until they experience schizophrenia themselves. If someone took drugs before getting schizophrenia than he or she is in the position to compare the two. But the average pothead, speed freak, or junkie etc. who never becomes psychotic doesn’t really understand the whole scope of having psychosis. So I guess I would agree with Rogue1. They might kind of understand a little bit about it; but just a little. Since I took LSD before getting sick and smoked tons of pot, I can compare psychosis to being high. Basically, drugs just don’t have the overwhelming mental pain of psychosis. When I took acid I wished each trip lasted for two weeks. But after getting my first state of psychosis I wanted no part of it and it wasn’t fun.

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I agree and disagree.

I disagree because my schizophrenia was WAY more life altering and mentally extreme than any ‘drug’ I’ve ever done, and I’ve done the worst stuff.

Sz is in a class of its own

Don’t get me wrong though, drugs CAN simulate what sz is like, but true sz is much more intense than the worst drugs, in my opinion


Let’s put it this way, if a normie wanted to even begin to comprehend what sz is like, they would have to do some highly illegal and irrational things.

It just isn’t going to happen

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I don’t get why it should be so hard to deal with
i think
is it arrogant to think that it is so extreme compared with the stuff other non schizophrenic deal with in their day to day lives? I really mean drugs or alcohol or anything. Is it so different from what others experience?. even with the beliefs - if it was only a little less scary or intense.

does make me feel like a bit of a lightweight.
and don’t get me wrong it is very extreme - i know
just don’t see why we can’t take it in our stride more rather than not be able to speak etc

taking synthetic mj or spice sets off characteristics similar to sz.

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