Is psychosis worse than a LSD trip?

Psychosis is bad. Like it can ■■■■ up every part of your life. Acid can ruin ur life if you aren’t careful but it doesn’t even compare to psychosis.

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Not even in the same ballpark. Psychosis is all consuming and you can’t talk anyone down or into a good mood. Psychosis will do a number on you!


Psychosis was fun? I experienced weird perceptions and odd feelings but I wouldn’t call them “fun”. The most I would say about them is that they occsionally could be called “interesting”. But not fun.

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I think my mental problems at there worst were nothing like LSD. That’s just me!

LSD would be a million times worse than the problems I had!

I used to take acid every weekend over twenty years ago - and i admit i had some fun on it. But now of course its a no no - and i wouldn’t know where to get now even if i wanted too! I was probably psychotic then - but it was a “happy psychosis” if you get what i mean. Sz psychosis is definatley worse - its more depressing. Glad i tried it - but would never touch it again…

Psychosis is different . When I was in a psychosis i didn’t know I was in a psychosis.
That’s the difference for me.
Lsd you know your tripping and for only 8-12 hrs
Psychosis you don’t know your tripping and for weeks or months.

Being on lsd is not the same as psychosis but going on a proper bad trip is similar to psychosis.

I don’t mean the oh no I’m not feeling good bad trip but he one that feels like u poisoned .

Bad trips are very similar to psychosis if not worse

Yes it is. Because LSD trips are usually finite. Psychosis is indefinite.

They can be much longer than u think getting flashbacks and some people never come down off lsd

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I’m very aware of this and always have been. That’s why I’ve never tried LSD my whole life. I’ve always been too scared to try it.

They said I was “stuck in a trip” until I took naltrexone it cured me.

3 years later lol

LSD was 8 hours of fun. Psychosis was three years of misery.

LSD didn’t land me in a hospital but psychosis did.

Comparing the two, the only good thing about psychosis compared to LSD was that I got it for free while an LSD trip set me back two dollars each time.

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I think the Liquid format of LSD is worse than the tabs. I was fine with the paper tabs, they were fun. It was the sugar cubes with uncontrolled dosage gave me the worst bad trips. I was literally transported to hell when I mixed that with whiskey one time.

As for psychosis, the worst thing about that for me was that the first time I didn’t know what was happening to me until I was found by a member of the public walking the streets in a nearby city. I was restrained in a single room in an ER for three days according to my mum - screaming and shouting whilst they were trying to work out what was wrong with me. I guess they thought it was physical? No idea.