Is paranoid schziophrenia just an emotional problem?

after having my psychosis i think that paranoid schizophrenia is just the inability to control the emotions of fear and surprise, and also the inability to disbelieve something. what regions in the brain control what you belive or disbelief? maybe thats the only part that needs medication

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I am not sure I am getting what you are saying. But I think schizophrenia is more than just an emotional issue.

Well I don’t have the paranoid type…but my sense tells it is not an issue of an inability to disbelieve…if this were the case then I would think that people with Sz would be characteristically gullible…believing anything. I don’t however see this as the case. I’m thinking of the others I’ve known who were particularly convinced of delusional beliefs. They didn’t seem to have any trouble with belief and disbelief aside from believing their own delusions.

My friend jcal in particular was unswervingly convinced of the reality of his beliefs and yet was not easily convinced of anything at all. You couldn’t fool this guy.

I think what the problem is rather than the conventional “inability to distinguish reality from fiction” is rather that the symptoms and our perception of the symptoms is so convincing that it is quite easy to fall into delusional belief. I think anyone perceiving such things would fall into such beliefs.

I’m thinking here back to my experimentations with LSD in my teens. You should have heard the things otherwise healthy minded people came up with as an explanation for this or that on LSD…one kid who was very bright and rational believed that we were descended not from apes but from cats as he thought people looked like cats on LSD and therefor there must have been some truth to this in his mind.


I am paranoid sz and it is so much more than emotions, although in the past my emotions have been flat, but I am learning more how to express my emotions such as love.

When I first got sick,I was put in a home for schizophrenics. After two or three months of not paying rent (because I was broke) the counselors told me to go downtown and apply for SSI. I had just been in the system for these three months and I had never heard of SSI but I dutifully went to the office building alone and applied. When the question on the forms asked me,‘What is your disability"? I didn’t want to look or sound bad by writing “mental illness”. So I wrote down “emotional problems”. Needless to say I was turned down. I kind of see your point. But what you are insinuating I think is that if we can control our emotions than we would not have paranoid schizophrenia. But I think that’s wrong, at least in my experience. Yes, my battle with my diagnosis had a lot to to do with trying to control my symptoms but in the beginning of my disease, control of any kind was not possible. I think (at least in the beginning) that it is more complicated than that and that “control” is not a choice we have. Paranoid schizophrenia is uncontrollable and not a choice. Control is not an option. It’s to overwhelming in too many ways on many different levels. No offense but I think it’'s more complicated and deeper than your explanation says.

The way I see it is that psz or sz is a psychiatric matter, but emotions are a psychological matter, so totally different.

i definitely feel with mine there was some connection because as i got better i was finally able to disbelief everything i was suprised or afraid about. i would read a news article and have a fear that the government had cia operatives installed in foreign governments. i felt the emotion of surprise and suspect, i knew there was an option not to believe the suspicion as there are always two choices in life, yet not matter how hard i could try it was like the ability to disbelieve my suspicion was mentally turned off. like the signal for believing something were buzzing in my head but wouldnt unbuz

Antipsychotics work as antagonists to receptors all over the brain, hence the side effects.

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I do not know yet much about emotions, but I feel that surprise and suspicion are not emotions

What I also found very interesting about the LSD experimentation I mentioned was that these otherwise healthy people and this kid who began to believe we were genetically related to cats in particular continued to talk about these beliefs long after the drug had worn off. This kid was still thinking about and attempting to find a link between cats and humans a month after his acid trip.

This leads me to believe that yes anyone is liable to fall into delusional thinking when perceiving abnormal stimuli for a length of time.

Anterior singulate and the caudate of the basal ganglia work together to make you believe something. Basically the anterior singulate decides if something is correct or not and then then caudate directs behaviors based on what you just decided.

Like listening to a sermon in church- you first decided if you believe it, then behave accordingly, for example, a devout Christian would say “Amen” and close their eyes and pray, I would just roll my eyes and play with my phone, muttering things about a fifty year old virgin speaking to a room full of troubled people who need professional help.


I do not know what ‘Anterior singulate and the caudate of the basal ganglia’ are and I tried to translate these, but no results, explain a little more in one snippet.

Yes…but it is much more complicated than that. Taking only into consideration the physiology of thought would be to miss out on the greater picture.

not really. Everything that you experience is just the brain. If certain parts of the brain were to be removed, you would never experience certain emotions and thoughts, conscious and unconscious, ever again. For example, there was a railroad worker that was a quiet, religious family man in the 1800’s. His name was Phineas Gage. He had a rod stuck through a part of the brain that regulated emotions, and he survived but turned into a complete ■■■■■■■.

Neuroscience and physiology does have answers. It is a new field, only a generation old really, it wasnt around until thorazine was approved.

The whole universe as you know it is contained within your brain. That is a fact I learned in school. It’s simple, sounds unreal, but is most certainly true. No one sees the same universe that I do, and no one sees the same universe as you do, given that we are schizophrenic that sounds like common sense, but it also applies to normal people.


Theyre just latin names for parts of the brain- what they do is important, what they are called doesn’t really matter.

I figured, I found this

in china they remove those parts in heroine addicts i read about that.

mjseu imagine the feeling you would get if your mom said she was pregnant again. thats the feeling of surprise. the feelin of suspicion is the feeling that someone stole your wallet

Removing parts of the brain is never a good idea, lol. I can only imagine how disabled that would make someone to remove their basal ganglia. It controls movement among other things. lol

i just think that theres only certain parts of the brain that need nuerotransmitter blocking and not the whole entire brain. if they could invent a way to do that one day life would be so much better. like the whole brains not misfiring nuerotransmitters in my opinion, just certain regions like maybe the basal ganglia for instance. this is why when we take the meds other things start to mess up and brain damage is caused