Have a lot of emotional blunting since I feel I was injected

Have emotional blunting, Feeling Depressed a Lot.

How is it possible if I was not given Antipsychotics?.

Emotional blunting, depression, lack of expression and others are hallmarks of negative symptoms of schizophrenia. The fear you have been injected is a delusion. I know some people get upset with you when you come here for support, but this recurring thinking is just a part of the illness. I’m not here to argue with you or put you down. There are a lot more reasons for the experiences you’re having. Hang in there, be treatment-compliant, and hopefully you’ll be able to work on your recovery.

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Or I could habe been injected Antipsychotic and the medication could be causing this.

On smoking I feel better.

Are you currently taking medication?


But my scum parents could have got me injected which I am not sure.

yeah you can do it to yourself, i use to wonder if it was just me or the meds doing it and i think it was a bit of both, i think it might be a safety mechanism in our brains that we trigger that stops us from getting too emotional about all of the crap that we think up, its all connected and the tear ducts dont get stimulated as a result of this as well, (our eyes kind of become all dry and kind of dead looking, tell me if you think i am wrong

Sounds like unmedicated schizophrenia. But I’m not a doctor and don’t diagnose.

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There were times when I was off my med’s that I thought people were putting liquid Haldol in my food and drink. I’d drink a cup of coffee in a motel lobby, think there was Haldol in it, and run to the store to buy caffeine pills to counteract the Haldol. Thinking that you have been secretly given medication in some way or another is a common delusion. At least that’s what happened with me.

if you were given antipsychotics you wouldnt have belief in this delusional conspiracy anymore.

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Talk to your doctor, get on meds. We all hate meds. But they’ll help you get your life back.


Somatic. Your belief could be creating that feeling of bluntness