Is olanzapine stronger then quetiapine?

Does anyone know? Im changing to it soon and im scared


Yes. It is considered 2nd most heavy atypical AP.

But we do what we got to do. It just depends if it works for you or not.

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I have been on both and I much prefer olanzapine. It works much better without feeling so many harsh side effects for me. It’s a good med. Try the olanzapine out, to see if it works well for you too. That’s all you can do. I wish you all the best!


I have tried itand it is good but i get so hungry on it

  1. Clozapine strengest
    2 Solian 2. Strengest
  2. Zyprexa 3. Strongest
  3. Risperidone 4. Strengest
  4. Seroquel 5. Strengest.

I’ve been taking all of them and by far prefere Qutiapine over any of the other ones.

Zyprexa made me gain over 25 pounds and is ranked as the second most fattening antipsychotics after Clozapine and is prone to cause Diabetes because of its fattening properties.

I really like to take 800 mgs Qutiapine by mouth and Clopixol depot with two anticolinergic pills.

Advantages of my combo.
Wipe out all the psychosis
Doesn’t cause much weight gain.
Doesn’t cause much eps or stiffness
Doesn’t cause much sexual dysfunctioning after getting used to Seroquel.
A very very antiagressive and calming meds.
Good for sleep.
I could expand the list but those are the most important.

While on Zyprexa I got fatter and fatter but yes it’s much stronger for psychosis than Seroquel.
I was on 30 mg Zyprexa by mouth.

Strongest needs a definition. Most d2/5th2a per mg. Most sedative? Most effective?

Strongest for you is going to be individual


I liked olanzapine:

  • It dealt with all my symptoms except some slight paranoia
  • I wasn’t a nervous wreck on it
  • I slept well, very well
  • I worked a full time job on 7.5mg+


  • It dulled me down, I wasn’t going to win any creativity awards
  • I put on weight
  • It was hard to get up in the morning
  • It was bad for my body (high triglycerides)

Eventually I came off it, but I was having so much trouble on the other ap’s my pdoc eventually put me back on 5mg with another AP doing the heavy lifting. Life is good now.


Im on 5mg nothing else and it seems to be working f9r me. I was also on 7.5 but the hunger was too much. I do get fleeting paranoid thoughts. But other then that im fine

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I just want to add that 10 mg Zyprexa wasn’t fattening to me. The weight gain just started at 30 mg.
Don’t stay away from it if that’s the only one that works. That meds saved my mom’s life and she’s on 20 mg.
I’ve been taking 600 mgs qutiapine = 40 mg Zyprexa by mouth for some time and I’m doing well.


You are very lucky im on 5mg and i still have alot of weight gain