Anyone tried both zyprexa and clozapine (at different times - not together)

I was doing ok on seroquel but not anymore. My understanding zyprexa is seroquels stronger big brother.

Anyone get some control of their anxiety via zyprexa? How did it compare to clozapine?

I didnt try clozapine, but i tried seroquel and zyprexa. Zyprexa felt stronger for me, in good and bad ways.

Someone i know loves zyprexa, because it makes him really calm and sleepy before bed. He actually looks forward to taking it.

I didnt like it. The first weeks i had nightmares and fears and fainted all the time. After that it worked very well against anxiety and delusions. But it had more side effects and more hellish withdrawals than any other med i tried. I stopped and went back on haldol.

Im sorry, i cant compare to clozapine, but i can compare seroquel and zyprexa.

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Thanks so much for sharing. It was really useful. I think maybe switching from seroquel to zyprexa would be a good option for me

Welcome. I think it is always an experiment. I hated it, this person i know loves it.

The most pronounced issues in me:

  • Start up trouble
  • In me it was the med with the most physical side effects. Sleepiness, weight gain, hormonal stuff, etc. I suspect it permanently changed my metabolism.
  • In withdrawal i was better to be avoided. Rages, suicidality.

But. It did kill my anxiety and delusions as good as haldol. I hope it does that for you.

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