Is my symptoms coming back?

I suddenly wanted to drop out of college, and just game all day… what is happening to me… ?

I mean sure, being a pro gamer is awesome and all… but i did not realize my instincs would take it this far… i dont know? that dedication perhaps? BAHA… helpppppppp


It could be symptoms of your illness, or it could be symptoms of being bored at college, or a bit of both :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I wanted to drop out of college but I managed to graduate. i dont know how. i was very bored.

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hahaha @Berru

@Om_Sadasiva how did u get by dude? sounds like a waste, if u did not enjoy it.

I didn’t enjoy it. I already had some cognitive issues, I couldn’t focus & I had no interest. i graduated from psychology college though.

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What did you study?

psychology. counselling.

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Did u learn anything vaulable u could share? :open_mouth:
i had a leader in a game i played that studied that.

back then I had no sz but all my essays i wrote were about sz. it was the most interesting thing for me in the college


How are you feeling today, @Om_Sadasiva ??
Did you manage to avoid a crisis? Are you in hospital ?

Don’t do it!

Pretend this is you in 10 years. Your wrists and elbows will be ruined, and you will have earned exactly nothing from all the thousands of hours of gaming you invested, except for a burned-out attitude. All the while you’d be living off your parents good will and being an ever increasing burden on them.

Not worth it.


I am home now. I am better. how are you my friend?

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I am at home too.
Weather is milder today. Hot temperatures have come and gone. We can finally breathe some fresh air :smiley:

we here in Greece have hot weather today… but I swim in the sea and I cool my body down

It’s great that you live near the sea.
We have a swimming pool in town and I go once a week. It’s nice.

my house is like 3 meters from the shore. I swim twice a day. it calms my nerves…


Om - I love the Greek islands! I spent a month backpacking round them once. Many fond memories.

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