Anybody can relate?

Being a drop out, not sticking with anything?

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I dropped out of college for medical reasons, but I didn’t really like college anyways, so I probably would have given up eventually.

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@led ! How are you doing today?

I am thinking of dropping out of college

Why do you want to drop out?

@marlboro forgive me … U Romanian right…!!!

I don’t like my colleagues because they act like gossipers children. The main reason is that I cannot learn and I know for sure that I would be terrible at my job after college (I rather now say what my degree is)

@far_cry0 I am human

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What about changing majors?

In my senior year of high school I nearly dropped out, but nobody would let me. I ended up missing more days than there are in the year and still getting to graduate. I just had to attend summer school. It was pretty hellish experience.

This is my second college I am at.

And I haven’t figured it out what I really want to do, it’s so hard because I am young and have no guidance

Do you think it’s worth it just because there’s gonna be money after I graduate and get a job?

To be mediocre at my job

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Better than not being able to support yourself or being homeless.

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U dissappointed me @marlboro… no problem…!!!

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You’re right, but I will be a unskill worker because I barely can study.
My dream is to go in Germany and work there

I dropped out of college because I partied too much

gah i didn’t even make it through high school

When I was in high school, I was always skipping classes. I graduated by turning in all of my assignments for all of my classes on the last day of school and getting a passing grade.

I entered college the following Fall and ended up dropping out because I was too restless and not ready for college.

Four years later, I entered college again and ended up acing my classes and entered nursing school the following Fall. I stuck with it for the next three and a half years and graduated with my B.S.N. in nursing.

Then, I went into the U.S. Air Force as an R.N.


I withdrew from the first university because schizophrenia screwed me over. After getting on Meds and living at home with my parents I’ve gone to a community college and got my associates degree and transferred to a second university. I finished my third year last year with all As and A-s. I have 12 more months until i graduate. I just have to find a job now before I graduate. It’s better to be mediocre at your job and have a job than be dependent on others. Seriously if you don’t have to quit and can get a job in your major that pays good money then go for it or you’ll probably regret it for the rest of your life

I got kicked out of university on a full scholarship. I regret it so much