Time to change

i’m going to have to look for something else to do now since dropping out of college,

i have a few things i can still do but i am worried about at the same time.

feel as if i cant do much now anymore really,

i want to pass my driving tests and volunteer but i dont want to be stuck behind some crappy desk all day :frowning: that would be the worst thing for me,

its just a bit depressing just now because i really wanted to pass college, i was more than half way through but i wasnt getting the encouragement that i needed and i did 2 years of it.

so i guess its time for a change.

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I was very happy and content, had every little thing that made my life adequate taken from me, now im sad and unhappy and they say that i should change.

@mrhappy Dont feel bad about not finishing college. Going to college will increase your chances of getting some kind of job, but not necessarily a good job or a job you like. As a matter of fact with this economy being the way it is, even with a college degree, it does not guarantee you a job. I had a miserable time in college - getting caught up with dark underground type people - doing my share of drugs, triggering me into SZ land.
I have a small amount of credits left to graduate, but because of the high stress and my symptoms, I cant go.
There are many other things you can do - college does not have to be one of them.


I tried going back to school when my symptoms were at their worst i didn’t even pass the first quarter. I was so messed up. While in school i barely passed, i think the only reason i passed college physics was because the professor liked me.

try not to feel too bad dreamer u did afterall do two years of it. who knows maybe at some point in the future u can rejoin and just do ur final year. if not there’s always the open university where u can study from home if u feel up to it and u don’t have to pay back the loan till ur earning 21k a year. i’m going to start with something small in september like forensic psychology. it’s only 10 weeks long or maybe fashion and textiles, again only ten weeks. i’m going to get myself into it gradually. while i’m on disability i can do that i guess. good luck with ur future dreamer. xxx

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thanks @jaynebeal i am really feeling bad just now, i had dreams and i wanted to get a job and come off of disability because i didnt want to stay on disability all of my life, now i dont think i can do that, its like all that work with nothing to show for it, idk why i pretended that i could get a job one day, i dont think i can get a job now and i was working myself up to doing something that i thought i liked with a job at the end of it but now its like i cant even do anything, sorry i’m just finding it hard just now, i’m still taking those meds tho because if i wasnt i would be much worse.


I am so sorry to hear this. You have worked so hard. But that school was also very negative. I bet you’re down and your entire routine has been dumped. It’s confusing and disorienting. Are you able to take a few classes on line after you have a chance to heal and feel stronger?

I do agree with Wave, a college degree doesn’t always mean being hired. You play piano. Have you thought of teaching music lessons? Just as an example of all the other skills you have you can use. I’m not saying right now. I bet you need some time to rest and heal and feel better. But I bet you’ll be of disability some day. You’ve been knocked for 6 by a very negative learning situation. As you rest and heal, I bet other opportunities will start to come your way.

What job were you studying for?

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this is just a blip dreamer. remember when u were really ill? u never thought u would move out let alone go to college. look at how far uv come. don’t b so hard on urself hunni. this has been brewing for a while hasn’t it. it;'s not an episode, just maybe ur tired and need a break from all that studying. studying is hard work hunni and u have worked so hard. so give urself some credit. relax…try not to b down and u never know what the future may hold. here if u need to talk. xxx


Have you looked into any trade-type schools where you could take courses in woodworking, etc. If you graduated from one of those, it might lead to something.

With your two years of college maybe you could go back and take what you needed to go into some type of occupational therapy teaching career.

Joseph Campbell said - Follow your bliss.


Think of this as a hiatus, and keep in mind that you can start up again when your ready. There is nothing more unenjoyable than that which is forced.
In time, you will know if you really want to go back, or just start something new.
Either way there is no pass or fail when you are exploring, so stop being so hard on yourself and give your self time think about what seems right with no snap decisions.


I would not like to go to a college after everything I have been through + I’m just not myself yet but whats interesting me more than collage is distance learning. Like Jaynebeal said there is open university, they pay for the course but I think they only pay the first £6,000 and the full degrees are £16,000. A levels are on my list of things to start this summer. Companies are charging £400 each qualifaction (excluding books and exam fees) but there is a much cheaper route, you just buy the books yourself and book in an exam when you feel your ready.

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