Is laughing and being happy psychosis?

I think it’s not psychosis

You can’t stop spamming the forum.
It’s getting very old.


When in psychosis I laugh for no reason and inappropriately like when hearing sad things, death of someone, in funerals, etc

Sorry I just need an answer

Laughing for no reason could be a sign of psychosis or mania.

What about laughing to funny thoughts


To me that happened in the prodromal stage.

It’s not a good sign.

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Still, could be a sign of hypomania or mania it seems to me.

It happens to me off meds, I think its also psychosis as its inappropriate. I used to get funny thoughts in school class and laugh when teacher was talking. Others probably thought I was crazy as I was laughing alone.

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What if I don’t have any other symptoms?

Yea it could be mania too.

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Hi Crystal. I once had a folie à deux with a neighbor that was us going around the complex with our husbands following us with their watchful eyes, and us giggling and gleeful looking at all the bugs and plants after a major thunderstorm had hit. We were both so happy to have someone else to share our psychotic non-sensical worlds at the time. Later my husband told me we were barely speaking english but we seemed to somehow understand each other.

I see. sad to hear

You were given answers that you didn’t like so you’re spamming the forum agaiin trying to find different ones. If your docs think your mood is the result of psychosis, it probably is.


Please stop spamming. You keep opening up threads on this topic. @ZombieMombie @ninjastar @Moonbeam @rogueone


But I have no psychosis symptoms now

maybe your pdoc thinks differently?

its not my pdoc’s opinion
Its the opinion of the foster home staff

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Go back and look at your own stats for this forum.

Look at the volume and nature of questions you ask.

You’re clearly not stable.

The same people have been telling you the same answers since you joined.

Just be cooperative and your life will be much easier.

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I am more stable than some people will ever be