Idk why but I keep laughing at the most inappropriate times

Someone was telling me their life story or someone was saying this sad stuff or stuff that was upsetting them and I was just laughing like non stop uncontrollable laughter.

I have no clue why that happened.

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Wow wat a coincidence I love /like/am interested in that word very much. Paradox. :black_heart:


Been struggling with coincidences too.

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I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope it passes. :crossed_fingers:

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I laughed hard at a funeral before

Never knew why it happened, but I could not control myself

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Some schizophrenics are prone to inappropriate laughter. Let me see if I can find an article specific to this. I’m sure I can.

Edit: Never mind, I see that the wikipedia entry above mentions schizophrenia

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Thankyou for the responses…

Yes it is extremely weird lolol.

This article mentions a pseudobulbar affect. About not just random laughing but also random crying. This is what I have been getting. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

No inappropriate laughter is a common occurrence with schizophrenia and bipolar.

I’ll burst out in laughter sometimes for no real reason.

Small silly things sometimes make me laugh uncontrollably

I’ve laughed inappropriately at times during sad news.

I hate myself for being this way


Oh sorry to hear that. I don’t hate you for it cos I don’t understand why that happens to you. :thinking:

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I’ve heard that inappropriate emotional expression is a symptom of sz. Sometimes I catch myself watching a very sad, poignant scene in a movie, and I will be grinning ear to ear. It has nothing to do with the movie. What happens is that when a scene is getting intense in a movie my mind goes somewhere else. I’m usually thinking about something very funny, and disconnected from the movie.

One time, when I quit taking my Zyprexa, against my pdoc’s orders, because it was making me fat, I went totally manic. And found myself laughing at everything in sight, funny or not. Everything I thought of, and everything I looked at, and encountered, was hilariously funny to me. I even laughed throughout the night and scared people to death with it.


Hahaha. Yea that is relatable to how I feel sometimes. It’s quite fun until someone gets annoyed. :pensive:

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