Do any of you ever laugh uncontrollably?

Do your voices ever make you laugh all the time? It’s probably the only enjoyable thing about the illness? But I’m just curious, sometimes the illness makes everything hilarious, just thought I’d ask, I doubt I’m the only one


Cant laugh when psychotic, everything is just dark and terrible with an evil level level of sarcasm nothing good to laugh at.

It’s been that way with me before also, it can be like that. Hang in there man

I typically laugh my ass off for weeks and that eventuates all the way to the hospital, then they give me the injection and I’m sadface again. Getting sick of it.


Did they diagnose you with bipolar or schzophrenia because that sounds very much like mania.

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I’m diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but I agree, I keep telling them. Oh well

Sometimes yes. If the commentary in my head makes me laugh then I do. I have learnt to brush off symptoms these days, and I find the voices when they do breakthrough to be quite entertaining. Thanks mainly to meds making them much less intense and not take over my whole life.

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Second Generation Antipsychotics also help with mania, what meds you on?

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I take 600mg Abilify injections

Thats a high dose it should be helping with the mania. Are things funnier for you during psychosis that you laugh or is the psychosis itself funny like funny voices delusions etc.

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They are funny as hell

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I’ve laughed hysterically before, but it was because I was high on weed.

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I can’t remember when I last laughed uncontrollably.

I agree never in my episodes but sometimes they are just hilarious with sarcastic comments

I’ve offended many people by laughing at things that weren’t funny.

It happened a lot a few months ago, but it was literally all the time and couldn’t stop, so it was horrible for me

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I’d rather laugh than cry though

I sometimes laugh uncontrollably at night. However I don’t have voices.

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No. Never. 1515

There went about a week or so, many years ago, that I was laughing uncontrollably at everything through out the day and night. It wasn’t voices that were funny, just everything I saw and heard was absolutely hilarious. Even totally neutral, benign things. I was manic as heck. A new Rx of Risperdal took care of that.

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