Is it wrong that I don’t want my roommates girlfriend coming over every day and spending the night?

I mean there’s no rules against it. Is the argument valid that this is mental health housing and we should have an expectation of privacy? I’ve lived in mental health housing for many years and never had this problem before. Plus, sometimes I feel that it’s two against one. It’s just a really small apartment.

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It is completely inappropriate for a roomie to have a girl staying in shared accommodation with him like that, especially your type of housing. If he wants to live with her he should get an apartment with her.


Thank you! I’ve known all my neighbors (didn’t necessarily like them) I don’t think even my neighbors have had to deal with this in the 7 years I‘’be been here. I think I hate this guy. We used to have a saying in the 1980’s when I was doing drugs, “Don’t put me through any changes” Well this as*hole has put me through many changes, then he’s going to just move out without a care in the world.

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Yeah. It’s inappropriate for the housing. If you wouldn’t do it yourself then it’s usually a pretty good guide to how to handle these sorts of things.

I’d imagine it’s cheaper or subsidised rent so there’s probably guidelines or laws that address these sorts of things. I’d be raising your concerns with your landlord.


Don’t be afraid to point out that due to the nature of your illness, this situation has the potential to destabilize you really quickly.

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Tell him if shes over every night then he needs to cover your rent. Shes basically a tenant at that point and using electric/water/heat and a room.

I know in our tenant agreement i think someone could only stay over a max of 10 days a month or something.


My housemate girlfriends stays over here all the time too. it pisses me off too. And they constantly argue. I have to stay in my room. I havent brought it up with the staff has my housemate is volatile and aggressive.

That alone needs to be brought up.

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