I feel like saying "I don't like you anymore."

One of my housemates is refusing to take care of herself and it is showing. She won’t talk to me. I feel like telling her I don’t like her anymore.

I would think before I said anything precipitous. If you don’t like her, just avoid her. If you tell her you don’t like her you might create an enemy. I guess it’s up to you. That’s what I would do.


The fact that she has withdrawn from every one is part of the problem. Yes, I can avoid her. I just have to control my reaction when I see her.

What type of housing arrangement do you have? How many tenants do you live with? If you don’t mind me asking. It can be very hard for us Sz types if we don’t get enough ‘space’ to ourselves.

4 customers, 3 bedrooms. She and I both have single bedrooms so the space problem is only with the bathroom which she spends a lot of time in. She also refuses to eat with us. She has as much alone time as we can possibly give her.

Why would you say something mean like that to someone who is obviously struggling? What good would it do? What would be the purpose? It’s not even like she is bothering you, she is just trying to isolate herself. It is one thing to have feelings of anger about a situation, but there is no reason whatsoever to say something like that to her. Please vent to us here instead, but don’t do something like that.

Because someone hated me. I know better than to say something, usually, I’m just saying like I feel like saying.

find her a bf and let she moves out.she will be happy and appreciate

That would be a disaster.