Is it usual for people with schizophrenia to rely on parents more than people without schizophrenia? how do i explain this relationship i have with my family to someone who suggested that i be more independent of my mum as i’m an adult?

i think my sponsor doesn’t get it
i’m doing the 12 steps at the moment and have a real question
i would explain that i think i rely on my family members because i have fewer options such as work or children or university or avid social life or exciting multiple other possibilities

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Schizophrenia is a crippling disease so it makes much sense that we’d be more reliant on parents.


Without anti-psychotic medication, I don’t think I could function as well as I can now than if I weren’t on medication. My parents have helped me as well as they can as I learn more about this disease that has affected my immediate family and extended family.

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I’m 43 and live my parents. That wasn’t my plan though, but I had to drop out of University, I never got a good job. I know being in your 40s and living with your parents is considered kinda pathetic by most people but I don’t really care what others think of that. My life could be better but it’s not awful.


If I didn’t live with my parents I would be slowly eating up my savings until I was dirt poor. I prefer to live with them up until they are gone so I can continue to save and then I will have the resources available to live fairly comfortably on my own when that time comes. I will likely inherit the house so I will not have a mortgage to pay and should be able to afford to continue to live on my own.


My father has been my rock over the years.
He’s been there for me all these miserable years.
Now he’s very old and frail and I’m trying to be there for him.
God bless


thank you for your replies @yinyang
@Bowens @LordHeadspark
@Vokz @Wave

yes this helps me to feel less absurd
i think she has a different life experience

i’ve lived with my mum long term as an adult
i now live with my husband
but my sister- much like i once relocated (my family followed one by one) after a long illness my sister wants to move hours away
with mum

this will turn my life upside down
i see her 2 days a week- stay over one night
and still get a lot of support from this
recreational / relaxed / no demands / chance to recharge which i find invaluable

ive never told my sponsor exactly what is different for me


i am committed to not saying to mum that my husband might have to go to a part time job instead
i’ve always said to him that if mum dies he should go part time

I’m going to stop calling my mom.

I am at my parents’ house right now. They live 10 minutes away from me. They moved me here after my last really bad break in 2019.

It’s far from where I want to live.

But I’m having a day of EXTREME anxiety, and I took PRN meds and they brought me over here, so I feel a little safer.

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I lived with my parents until I was 36. Then I moved 5000 miles away from them. We still talk every day and they still help me out some times financially. Our relationship is much healthier than it was when I lived with them but I couldn’t live independently without SSDI, adult public assistance, and a housing voucher. If I didn’t have those then I would have to live with them cuz I wouldn’t be able to afford rent, food, etc. My parents help me out whenever I ask but I try not to abuse it…


Not 100 percent of people can live independently.

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I admit that since having sz I rely much more on my parents.

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