Are your parents supportive of you with your illness?

My mum gets so stressed about me that it stresses me out so I tend not to tell her much for that reason.
My dad thinks evil spirits are trying to make me kill myself so I can’t relate much cos I’m not sure if I believe in that kind of stuff.

My parents were very supportive of me with my illness. They did a lot for me. They’re both dead now.


I’m glad to hear that they were supportive of you it makes a big difference. It actually makes me feel guilty cos I made my parents sound less than they are. They are there for me but I guess I am too depressed to try and make a closer bond with them.

My parents are very supportive.
I try not to talk to my mum about my illness a lot, because I can tell she gets worried. But my dad is a psychologist, so he knows a lot about that stuff.


My parents were very supportive of me.
They are very old now and my mom has dementia.

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For the record I am not actually trying or planning on killing myself.

I’m sorry about your mum. I don’t know how difficult that must be especially if you are close.

Eh, not really. I mean they pay for my insurance and medication, but they tell me I need to get off meds and they wonder why I get defensive when they say it.

Look, I’m homocidal when psychotic…do you really want me off my meds?

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My mother, no. She thought I was fine and didn’t need to seek help. She didn’t want a “sick child.” I haven’t seen my father most of my life, I want to tell him but I’m afraid he might react the same way as my mother.

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Why do they want u off the meds?

My mother and father are champions. Mum stopped me going to the hospital a couple of times whilst psychotic and looked after me. I owe them a lot and still live with them and help pay the bills and stuff.

It’s good to help pay them back.


I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully youve seeked treatment anyway cos from my experience and what I’ve generally heard, the hallucinations only get worse with time. And chances of remission reduce when not treated over a long time span.

They’re used to it. At first it was odd I guess to them.

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My dad tries, I guess, but he doesn’t understand. He still talks badly about my food texture problems and like I’ll either eat what they have or starve, at least.

My mother passed away when I was a teenager, but she was always encouraging my delusions, so I don’t think she would’ve been very supportive or would have tried to tell me what I experience IS real and make it worse.

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I’m sorry about your mum.
Why would she encourage the delusions? That seems odd to me

It can be hard to deal with your parents when you are an adult because it’s hard for them to think of you in any other way than as a child. My mom did have the fault of often treating me like I was still her child, and I found that irritating. Other than that, she was a very good mother. Parents put up with a lot from their kids when those kids are growing up. They say that once you have a family of your own you become a lot more sympathetic towards your parents.

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I think my mother also had some form of psychosis. She had a LOT of unusual beliefs and used to rile up my grandiose ideas of my life by encouraging them as well. She strongly believed in the supernatural, for example, and one of my delusions involves the existence of the supernatural.


Yes, luckily I’ve sought treatment and I’m currently on medication that’s been helping so far. :slight_smile:

Yay :)… That’s good

I understand you; I live with my aunt and she also encourages delusions/hallucinations due to her strong beliefs in the supernatural/spirituality.