I am a dependant adult with schizophrenia

I am so dependant that I need to look at my parents for assurance every decision I made,I need to tell them everything And I feel I cannot keep things to myself,I feel naked mentally

I am 24 years old,I feel locked inside a cage with my own small goals,I don’t have any friends and I have schizophrenia.i want to leave my parent,I think they are stopping me from growing up,I am so afriad to make big ir small decision without letting them know,I am so ■■■■■■ up

I want to go,I don’t want their dream and idea


I think the best move I ever took was leaving the family house and grew a great deal. I did have help though in the form of my mental health team to get out on my own. I guess the fact there are tons of books dealing with codependency around. It might be a good place to start. If you do have someone like a social worker mention it to them as I’m sure they could help.


You’re young, you can still learn how to be more independent and make better decisions. 24 is VERY young. You are putting yourself down but you are actually doing a lot of things right.You are working steadily.You had a date and a girlfriend.You were playing badminton. Maybe you are expecting too much from yourself.


I talked to my case manager last time,she doesn’t sure if moving out would be good for me,my parent is always think they are right,they think that’s the best for me,they love me so much that I think I didn’t love them back and this makes me mentally emotionally unwell,I don’t act like an adult,people don’t give me the basic of respect because they know I am stuck to my parent,I don’t want to be a immature adult,I am 24 years old,I am under my parent control,I feel so dependant on them every life

I need sex,sometimes I listen to my parent having sex,I feel so bad and psychopathic when I do that,I feel guilty,I hate them for tying me up

I don’t think you are doing as bad as you think you are.

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you are still very young…don’t be so hard on yourself.
life is not a race…remember the hare and the tortoise story?
trust, you will get there.
take care


@77nick77,I feel I am doing things for my parent,I am not living my own life,I dream their dream,I am not happy…sorry to be sound so harsh but it’s true,I want things to change

I want to grow up,I don’t want to be emotionally dependant in them

I see. You still have time. Do you have anyone else you can trust to talk about these things? Besides us?


I am going to talk about this to my psychologist ,we only met once,I will see what she says,but thank you all

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I am not a very good talker in real life,I struggle communicating my needs and wants,I think changes might be good for me

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It would be good to live in a place where there were other schizophrenics living. You could start to look around to see what might be available where you live. In the US they have government subsidized housing.

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Wanting to be independent is healthy. Make sure you are stable on med’s before you leave. It you don’t your independence will be short lived, with your parents making even more decisions for you. You need some kind of income if you want to be independent. Are you well enough to work a job? I know one guy on this site who works as a night manager. If you can’t hold a job you need to try for disability. Living with your parents they remind you that you are dependent, even when they don’t mean to. I lived with my mother for a while. Maybe you could tell your parents in a nonthreatening manner that they make you feel this way.


hi there its great that you have your parents to support you you know. but of course you dont want mum and dad around all the time you need something for yourself like a volunteer job something like that just an idea.

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Not sure if this would work for you but my first apartment after I had six hospitalizations was the upper apartment of a house I rented from my childhood friends parents. It was only 3 streets away from my dad, but it was great to be relatively on my own but still close enough to my family if I was sick. I used to love playing my stereo and hanging out with my friends and girlfriends. The landlady was a little nosy and I used to get stuck snowblowing the driveway but otherwise it was great.

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By even thinking this, you are already growing up!
You can accomplish this by just taking one step towards that goal. You get to decide which step to take.
Good luck!**

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i am 34 and I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner and i’m in graduate school earning my doctorate in nursing. I live alone, take care of my own dog, I pay my own bills and have my own credit cards. Before I got epilepsy I was driving, now I ride the bus. I take meds and go to therapy. I still feel like I am WAY overdpendent on my mom and dad. seriously I don’t know what I would do without them. They help me make every important decision in life. my dad just finished getting me health insurance. My mom is my best friend. you are not the only one who feels this way!


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I was 26 when I first lived independently from my parents albeit with an older partner who knew the ropes, and from whom I had to learn as best I could.
I think nowadays there are more resources to help people striving for independence . When I was younger such resources were far more limited.

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I think I must be having a depressive episode,I am feeling down but I had already taken a antidepressant,I hope these will pass soon

mobc they will passTc