Is it true?

Having more money won’t keep your kids off drugs. More money won’t make you love your spouse more. More money won’t keep you sober. More money won’t help you feel secure in this life.


Absolutely true :money_with_wings:


I think this is usually true. Although ive never had much wealth in my life ever. So i guess i cant speak for those well off.

Yes. It’s true. No doubt about it

money brings problems…big problems…I don’t know what I am going to do when I am wealthy if I live that long…kind of scares me.

It’s true. I grew up well below the poverty line. I’m firmly middle class now. It’s nice to have food, clean clothes, and electricity. However, we’ve had a lot of issues, too. Mo money, mo problems.


Having experienced food and shelter insecurity as a child because of poverty and homelessness as a young adult, I can assure you that having some money and assets socked away very much helps with feeling secure.


I agree that it helps with security. Like I mentioned, I now have food, clean clothes, and electricity stays on. On the other hand, I’m hyperaware of how tenuous all of this is. If inflation keeps up, if hubby loses his job, if hubby gets tired of me, etc etc, I will be homeless. I have no savings. I’m very determined to start working, though. Lots of county jobs available. They have nice benefits, too. As it is, we’ll never truly have security because all our money goes to bills.


I am poor. I live in a single room apartment. I was grateful tonight to eat something I really like. But I live free of charge and I don’t care about wealth but a little. My psychiatrist in the hospital told me I should be able to do something with my intelligence and imagination. I told him I had recently spent 4 hours straight rewriting four pages of my life story.


More than what, is a worthwhile question. If you have enough for the basics such as food water and Heat, a bed to sleep in and a few bucks to treat yourself once in awhile You’ll do okay.

Any less than that, and I imagine things can get uncomfortable fast


F…k money man. The greek invented it.

Money is depressing. All people i know with lots of money have some sort of depression.

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I was actually more depressed when I had less of it.


Its all about moderation.

I agree with the original post, up to an extent.

Thanks to my lazy ass dad I grew up in poverty, which could be pretty terrible at times. Thanks in part to the old skizzle-affective, I’ve struggled financially most of my adult life, too. I finally am making a decent living now, and I feel much better, more comfortable now that I don’t need to worry quite as much about how I’m going to pay my bills.

But yeah, being rich won’t necessarily make a person happy.


Idk it’s a gas.

My mother taught me at a young age that money is the root of all evil, and I still believe that.

We were on welfare and she would give food to heroin addicts in our neighborhood so their children wouldn’t go hungry.

If you have too little money life is hard, and if you have too much you never know who you’re true friends are.

You gotta fly in the middle of the pack. Be frugal, buy cheap groceries, have a little in savings, don’t go crazy at Christmas, and buy used or cheap clothes. Respect and manners will impress the right people more than an expensive outfit. And remember the only somewhat expensive things you should buy are shoes, belts, and socks.

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Yep but enough to pay the bills with a little left over for a snickers bar helps! :grin:


Lol lots of people without money have depression too.

Next :grin:


I don’t know maybe there is no connection between money and depression, or money and ha-pee-ines.