Do you think being wealthy makes you suffer less

I am trying to figure this out. I’m not wealthy, but my father is pretty well off…and he helps me. I still suffer my butt off; even if my father is well off.


It helps…a lot…


It’s one thing to suffer and not worry about food, bills and shelter. I’m sure the wealthy suffer but they have their basics met.


They may suffer in the sense that they are always afraid of losing what they have but poor folks may think similarly.


Well, I always used to say: If I’m going to suffer, let it be in nice surroundings. I mean if I’m going to have to suffer, living in a nice house, with plenty to eat, in a nice neighborhood, was always preferable to some of the less nicer psyche wards or housing i lived in.

Having wealth eliminates a lot of problems. But you will still have problems.


for me, it would help a lot, i think it differs to varying degrees for ppl

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I learned in psych that money can buy happiness but only up to a certain salary. I think 100k. Then it starts taking away from happiness

Understand that those people who are wealthy rarely suffer because they can afford luxury goods and purchase the best health care money can buy.

My brother is wealthy and he has a lot of problems.
Money really can’t buy you peace of mind.

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I’ve been rich,

I’ve been poor.

You have a lot more problems when you’re poor.


It would be pretty nice not worrying about being evicted for not being able to pay rent on time

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Not really as long as you have your basic needs met.

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Many rich ppl are cheap and have regular houses and regular cars. I knew many cheap rich ppl, some Drs etc.


I had this friend who is now an eye surgeon and his dad did my nose surgery. He wears clothes from Walmart and he bought all his college books used, some from me.

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I suffer a lot less now that I have the money to go for a massage or a nice meal when I feel stressed. I suffer a lot less now that I can afford to follow all the advice my therapist gives. I suffer a lot less when I can go home to my nice house that I have no fears of losing.


Suffering is psychological. No matter how well one’s doing financially he will suffer if he’s psychologically unstable.


His dad probably makes like 500k$/year.

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I was better than him in school and he asked me to give him all my notes. That was before sz.

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Yea it can reduce stress.

I don’t think it’s make a difference to negative symptoms though.