Do you believe that riches bring misery?

My father was rich as a child. Always the fear of being kidnapped for ransom, always being overprotected by a nanny with the fear that he’d get hurt. Those influences never left him and he was a paranoid father to us kids. How difficult it made our lives.
And now I live with the careless disregard for things that can be replaced because the provider has wealth. Sometimes I want to tell her you can’t buy your love - but somehow, I think she does and I can’t get out from under.

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“It’s better to be rich and miserable than poor and miserable”. That’s what a roommate once told me. It’s so true.


I don’t believe it, maybe more comfort and also more complicated?

Like not having to worry about paying bills and money for food stress would be gone

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Wealthy people are full of their own problems.

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What if poor isn’t necessarily miserable (by US standards, collecting welfare is poor) I was quite happy when all I had was SSI and some private teaching money. But I was not a hard worker then so maybe it was a temptation to stay mentally ill. I was not particularly depressed. Just had fleas in my head.

More money more problems, Theyre all probably peaking on Maslows heirarchy of need. That means theyre probably happier. To be honest I couldnt say with 100% certainty one way or another. Its all speculation from my point of view. I just really think they are. That could be me being naive. All I know is I want to find out someday.

It would be nice to not have to worry about money.
Rich people have problems like everyone else, money can make some of those go away, but it can’t solve everything.
I’m sure there are plenty of rich people who are miserable 24/7

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I want to be rich enough to pay my future 4 person family $50k in 2019 dollars for 40 years. I don’t think anyone’s going to kidnap me for having 8 million dollars that I don’t ever talk to anyone about.

If I had riches, I’d save it for emergencies.


Its not a simple answer.

But I would argue attachment to riches is what brings some form of suffering considering you can’t keep ‘stuff’.

However, most of us want the security and freedom it brings.

The question is: what then is really important in life when you have all the security and freedom it brings?

Can’t say there are many people who actually like working their life away. And you would have to actually ask how they would have felt about that near the end of their life.

I’d be totally cool with being rich :slight_smile:
Just as long as I’m not feeding an addiction with that money it’s all gd


This. Life is way too complicated to chock it up that rich has it better than less fortunate people or vice versa.

But yeah you don’t always know what’s going on.

For me, having wealthy parents have always been a disadvantage in terms of achieving “success” in life. I’m grateful for my parents and I wouldn’t try to change them but I’ve had bad luck in this regard. There are too many environmental factors. Having a mental illness and then an addiction, and being a child of a wealthy retired businessman, it’s hard to achieve much in life. And the timeline of things??? Everything can go wrong :scream:

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“Holy poverty…is the foundation and guardian of all virtues”

And virtue makes people truly happy so being poor actually makes people truly happy

Yes, but better problems dealt with from a position of comfort. I grew up in grinding poverty, don’t romanticize it at all. I like my life now.


It’s like they told me in AA. Once you get clean, it doesn’t mean you have no problems, it means you don’t suffer from the misery of alcoholism but you still have problems; you just have a higher class of problems. And pretty much the same goes for becoming rich. You don’t have to worry that you won’t make rent or you don’t worry anymore that you won’t be able to pay the cable bill. But if you’re rich you still have problems, you just have a higher class of problems.


Earning money controls my life 9 to 5:30pm monday to friday. It would be nice not to have to do this every week…

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Sometimes it does. My father was an orphan and had to work extremely hard to be in the position he is in today. I admire my dad so much. My mother was not an orphan, but she struggled also with my physical disability and being my caregiver.

Money could help us, especially for my medical expenses. However, I do believe that keeping the riches for oneself and not helping others with it could cause problems.

There was an occurrence in Korea that underpaid Korean workers and the company kept the riches for himself. The workers went on strike and I think the company owner ended up being prosecuted.

Current research, and i unfortunately can’t remember my source…i think it was in the book Sapiens which i’ve just read…anyway, if someone isn’t wealthy - they may be poor or at least middle class, and they fall into wealth, there is a notable improvement in their quality of life. All of a sudden, they have money to do things they couldn’t before - such as going on holidays, buying nice things. So for poor to middle class people, coming into wealth results in improved standard of living and happiness (on average, not everyone of course).

However, if you are already a wealthy person and you come into more wealth, it will have next to no impact on you as you already had everything you could want to start with. So for the already wealthy, more money doesn’t equal more happiness.

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Well money has some perks. When I was looking at porn I could have been looking for dates. It would be nice to have my own things and have the best at that. However I still would have voices in my head.

Sapiens is a great book. Haven’t read it but heard so many great things. Reminds me of “happy” when it says 60k-300k $ a year is in the same happiness bracket as one another.

Poverty leads to unhappiness/uncomfort/ but 60k a year makes no difference up to 300k per year salaries.

My figures might be slightly off and it was an old movie. But that was the basic.

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