Is it sz if

Voices/intrusive comments you have no idea why or where it popped up from? What about song lyrics on repeat? Its internal never external… i know i have paranoia and delusions.

I don’t get voices but had a central thought/voice that comments on everything I do…well it did before meds!

I think your in our ballpark!

You should talk to a doctor or a psychiatrist about these things, and take the medicines they prescribe.
But yes, it might be sz


Just read this thread… yup

I see static and perception is changing sometimes

I just know it is and i need a different med. Zyprexa is messing up my cognitive abilities. Im gonna ask for vraylar

How long was your journey finding the right medication? What settled? Ive almost tried them all. Picked them apart by side effects. Running out of options

I also suffer terrible nightmares that get loud when im waking up… and the grand ole insomnia

Zyprexa works brilliantly for me. Effexor for the concurrent depression. We are all different. I pretty much now have lost racing thoughts and it’s not so bad. I think to myself…jeezes I wish I thought like this for ost of my life!

I was in denial… i need to accept it but the dialogue sickens me. …

If you miss a dose does it creep up that day? Today i didnt take it and it was creepin and now i can sleep…

Sometimes side effects are bearable if the meds work on symptoms. I deal with some side effects still years later but you pay a price for some sanity. STill 6 weeks minimum to try a new med. Side effects come early but may leave.

I miss a dose of antidepressant I suffer greatly. Zyprexa not so much so. You a bit manic tonight? Get up and walk around a bit. Burn some energy. You ever see a cat or a dog settle. They’ll get up and walk around a bit till they are good!

I still have the lingering invega shot. Now that messed me up. Im scared of this illness tbh is why im always online laying awake. Id never sleep if i dont take a trazadone or a zyprexa. But yes a tad manic. Just took a zydis wafer…

I have read that vraylar spares negatives with cognition. Also a few people on youtube say it works really great for them. They dont feel drugged they say so thats why im in hopes and want to give it a shot. However its just another med go round starting all over.

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