Voices/thoughts inside my head

Alot of inpatient Drs have diagnosed me with schizoaffective but never explained it to me. When im trying to sleep my thoughts are like salad popcorning all over and the thoughts get “loud” i begin to twitch and have anxiety. It will be like this: the cat pink stood NMS your gonna die perfect sunlight today". These thoughts and images/ videos are very disturbing of nature. Anyone relate? Please elaborate:^)

I had thoughts like that as a reaction to an AP, but I don’t remember which one

Sounds like what happens to me all the time and makes it hard for me to sleep. At night the voices get really loud, aggressive and more malevolent than usual. They make it hard to fall asleep and it usually feels like they are trying to scare me and prevent me from falling asleep. I find it hard to fall asleep at night without meds so I usually sleep only when the sun is out. They tend to recede during day time.

I had invega… maybe thats why…

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Who knows. Topamax, a migraine medicine, can cause people to struggle to think clearly and to speak so meds can do stuff like that too, not just the sz.

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