Thought Insertion

Hi peeps,

Hope all’s well your side :dizzy:

Just wanna know if anyone here deals with thought insertion.

I experience this symptom on a regular basis, and there are times when it just leaves me so confused.

It feels like my thoughts are disjointed and don’t make sense, and seemingly don’t follow any particular order— sometimes, random words or phrases pop into the mix as well.

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I have internal voices. Sometimes they cause me stress and make me think random things.

I don’t know if this is the same as thought insertion, but I try not to worry about it.

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Sorry you’re dealing with internal voices @Jonathan2– I also have those primarily as well.

They can be very frustrating, since they comment on what I’m thinking, and it just jumbles up my thoughts.

From what I understand, thought insertion is when you don’t recognize your own thoughts— almost as if they’ve been “placed” inside your head by an unknown source.

I suppose it’s similar to internal voices, as those typically are separate from our internal dialogue.

But yes, remaining calm is pretty much my coping strategy as well.

Thanks for your reply :dizzy:


I had a bad episode of internal voices/thoughts yesterday. I thought everything I was reading on the web and TV were sending me cryptic messages, like I just couldn’t understand anything. Anyways, luckily it didn’t last long. But yeah, I experience thought insertion and internal voices

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I have this often

People from my past constantly interfere with my mind and insert things into it

It used to be manageable but it’s becoming less so.

Hoping Clozapine wipes out all of this nonsense, as it’s driving me crazy

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I had thought insertion and it got bad to the point where i thought all my thoughts were inserted. I had the inserted thought but then i thought my own thoughts were inserted, lasted about an hour, sometimes all day. Also had internal voices but these werent as severre, got bad as wel mind you at times.

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Dang @Tulane, sounds like a rough time— sorry you had to go through that.

That’s exactly what an episode is like for me, and it’s not a good time.

Hope you’re feeling better :dizzy:

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Thanks @Schztuna I’m feeling much better now. Fortunately, my episodes are generally very short. But yeah, it wasn’t very fun yesterday. Took an ativan, and went to bed early. Usually that does the trick, lol.

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Yes, I’ve had this as well @Joker.

It’s almost as if they’re really talking to you and it’s not a good feeling, as usually it’s kinda menacing—at least for me.

Good luck with the Clozapine— hope it works out for you :dizzy:

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Thanks for your reply @schizofreindly— it’s defos not a good feeling when the thought insertion happens.

I hope you’re doing much better with it now :dizzy:

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Yeah, I have a lot of thought insertion troubles. My main one is when my co-workers put thoughts in my head, but also can read my thoughts. Its real hard to fight against, but, with talking to my therapist, I have come to realize that this is mostly the internal voices talking that I make out to be thought reading and insertions. Intrusive thoughts also contribute; those, though, I can usually tell the difference from.

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