Is it so strange to have spent 15 years in isolation?

In my memories, I am ill since forever. But I started to really suffer when I had my 20s. But I lived alone in another country for my studies and I never talked to my parents about my problems. and here how 15 years were gone for me. I chosed the social isolation 15 years ago cause I was depressed, lacking energy and all the rest. I still get ragy when my friends still cant understand my isolation. Is it so strange? its been since the year of 2011 that I started aps. But I was switching them for 6 years and I guess this is no good for recovery, I dont know…Now it just seems to me that schizophrenics with positive symptoms are happier, me- I always have something which is a bit depressive lol… antidepressants makes me crazier though.

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Hugs Anna :blue_heart:

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Are u on ssri for depression…

no far. The antidepressants that I tried upped my paranoia to an unbearable point…
In fact, its the Zyprexa who pulled me out from my bed.

Idk, I was very unhappy as child too. strange illness I say, isn’t it?

I am sorry you were isolated for so long…I feel isolated in my home now…it just comes with the territory of being a schizophrenic…I am glad you are still on meds.

Its been since the year of 2001 that I am isolated. Till the year of 2001 I was having the responsibility to go at school. and my parents didn’t saw any strange behavior. Its been in 2001 where I gave up fighting cause I was fighting all my life till then. Its was in 2001 when I started my university but I socialized very few plus I wasn’t doing a lot of things either besides my uni classes which were few in the week in fact.
But ill ask my doc for an antidepressant though. Maybe I can give it one another try, idk. But I just feel my brain in my head, I am not sure its a depression. Plus, the negatives of the sz are quite different from the classic depression I find. My ex pdoc was saying that antidepressant help there where there is a real depression, not something else…

and is it strange that I havent even a piece of megalomania lol? I look always depressed in fact.

We are here for you, Anna. :blue_heart:

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I’m 44 and have isolated most of my life. I always thought and still think I have no social skills, but am still trying to change and my anxiety level has improved recently.

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You said you chose social isolation. Is that really true? 15 years in isolation because of Schizophrenia I can understand. But I don’t think you would personally chose that, not you. You’re too intelligent Anna1. It is more than likely that your illness has caused this.

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I don’t think it is strange to be isolated, but it does take a toll on your happiness. Personally, I have gotten myself to the point where I prefer isolation. All the solitude makes me a little eccentric.

Yes, yes it was my illness of course. My mom said it was a caprice maybe to not to want to go out then but I was always jrealous of the happiness of others, I was having low mood and my physical strange sensations. So I gave up in the past but I guess its normal, yes.
Now I still foten feel my brain in my head. I ignore if its a paranoia or a tactile hallucination. Do I need time to recover on this? I suffer from anhedonia too, a lot, it sucks. But when I feel my brain in my head like this maybe its normal to feel something else.
I guess I shouldn’t stop my meds? I hope its just up to time.

I am isolated all my life.

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Hi om what are u doing …!!! Man i feel so lonely today…???[quote=“Om_Sadasiva, post:14, topic:94445, full:true”]
I am isolated all my life.

fine. you? i am so lonely that I miss my voices…


I never had voice all my life…how are u guys hear voice …!!!

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Your post is very scary and can warn people off isolation.I am pretty isolated too,don’t make friend easily and have schizo,I feel like I can be isolated even longer if I don’t change.I am 27,have been like this for past 8 years

Yeah but its my life @Gtx1990. I really spent 15 years in almost complete isolation and despair. I feel like a freak now… like i said, even my ill friends in real life are not like me…

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I mean that all the people around me criticize me for not going out. But I would like to stop feel my physical pain. I am telling to myself that its too much. I have psychical but I have big physical pain because of my bad mental, its too much. I would like a relief from it. I dont understand why I suffer physically too.
And nobody doesn’t understand me on my isolation. They only look at me with wide open eyes like its the worse thing ever. its bad I know but why I am the only one who experiences physical pains because of his sz? its too much, really… I cant even talk very often because of this.