IS IT POSSIBle to hit anxiety head on?

just wondering if it is possible to hit it head on in order to try and lessen the effects, my anxiety has been pretty bad this morning and i am trying to hold off for as long as possible before taking a valium,

my p/doc phones me up and asks me how i am doing (yesterday) and i’m like ‘the anxiety is still pretty bad’ but i said i got some valium, now he wants me to try and stop it, like he doesnt want me on it, so i’m like ‘but what if i need it’ so he’s said i shouldnt become reliant on it bc i could get even more anxious before taking or something, basically he is saying that i need to deal with my anxiety myself and i’ve been saying i am trying my best, literally using every ounce of knowledge i have to deal with this, coping strategies the lot,

praying for a miracle here, praying that it doesnt get any worse and that i can do what i want to do x

Occupy yourself, I find that helps the most. Being on here usually makes my anxiety worse


yeah, i’m going to go out on the bike soon i think.

Found it best to tackle the thoughts that’s triggering the anxiety. ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) techniques works well for it. Was a book that was part of my CBT homework the happiness trap (stop struggling start living) by Dr Russ Harris. Which is a self help book on it. Unsure if it’s available in the UK might be by now though. It was also available at my local public library. So one way to see if you can read it cheaply.

Thinking positive that you’ll eventually beat the anxiety
Exercise such as a walk first thing in morning and mindfulness and breathing
Do you have TV on? Maybe turn it off for half an hour, noise could make worse

I’m only calm because I don’t talk back to thought broadcasters. I went into new bank on Friday to make BIG deposit and tellers were actually talking about my source of income, tell me I can cancel the transaction, mentioning my name over and over in next room as I set up the account for big CD, big CD for my life saving from an accident settlement…

Obviously, whether this is inside my head or thought broadcasters, this is totally over the top. I ignored it, finished transaction and left the money for 6 months…

Some of the people in my city are screwed up enough to act like this. Situation in my city is best abandoned and start over due to TERRIBLE employment situations and lots of bad employment situations/scams affecting some job markets, BAD FINANCIAL SITUATION for lots of business. Better options are available…

Eventually, I have learned to ignore things…No answer and lots of the thought broadcasters give up on it quickly enough. Even gang stalked by a dozen threatening teenagers which is common in iffy neighborhoods of city nearby, if you kept quiet and did not answer you were probably safe enough for a while. Military answered the stalkers threateningly and they ran him out …

I can recommend L-theanine, it has a valium like effect.

Is l-theanine that you get online dangerous. I was recommended not to get it

I would try to do some kind of physical activity - bike riding sounds awesome.

I will go walking when I am feeling revved up or anxious, sometimes its the antipsychotics that worsen anxiety.

I find that doing some kind of physical movement tones down the anxiety.

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I’ve been using this for ages. I use the “NOW” brand from

I’ve also been finding that something physical will burn off the anxious energy. Getting away from where the anxiety started helps… get outside in the cooler air helps…

A walk will help me out too.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

fresh air is the best medicine for me, the more the better, a good breeze but not too windy, i like it when i’m driving and i get anxious or i’m a passenger and i open the window, keeps me awake too because i always get sleepy in the car.

Anxiety…I have it pretty severely. First day with my current shrink, he said my anxiety was a bigger problem than my schizophrenia. They have me on meds for tremors which also really help with anxiety.

I naturally have high blood pressure and intense anxiety. Like really bad cases of both. I used to drink like an alcoholic to manage, and I did manage.

What can you do besides meds? Avoid stimulants like caffeine. Exercise every day. Uh, how do I phrase my third tip…release sexual tensions. Okay. That sounded politically correct. You know what I mean. Go to therapy- it is essential for us, especially the more cognitively fit people with scz- we think too much! The term “shrink” comes from “shrinking your head.”

I used to smoke and drink and that did help, but that is like the equivalent of telling medical doctors and licensed psychologists and counsellors to ■■■■ off and that is just not okay.

I really think that many of the people on here could benefit from a benzo such as klonopin. Xanax is more for acute bouts of anxiety and wears off quickly. I take it because it gets me through the worst parts of the day and eases my akathisia, then it wears off and I go exercise then take it again to chill back out. For example, I need it to sit in class and pay attention and take notes, but I need it to wear off to exercise intensively. I need it to go out with friends in public. I need it before bed or else my left leg just won’t quit pulsing and that prevents me from sleeping.

But if you aren’t going and doing things which require you to be at a baseline level of arousal, I wouldn’t take it. It’s got issues with long term use and some people abuse it. I’ve seen college kids crush benzos up and snort them to get high, whilst I need it to function normally because I am very far from normal without it.

Some cases of anxiety are so pathetic that the docs just prescribe the anxiolytic and keep a close eye on the patient. My case is that bad.

I was socially defunct before being medicated for anxiety. I was a formidable athlete, however. I was mentally acute. What good is that when I couldn’t sit through class? I just studied at home while drinking and smoking and the showed up to exams and I had no social life except for drinking buddies, true alcoholics.

i think i need a massage or something :confused: maybe that will help as well

i am hoping my anxiety doesnt spill over into college as well, college has been a safe place for me since i started and i have been able to cope there with breaks in between,

idk how bad my anxiety is on a scale bc i dont know of any scale to actually measure it but if you find one maybe you could post it if you want.

I have successfully completed four years at college and sometimes anxiety was bad but it’s just about managing it and at the end of the day you have achieved

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Beck anxiety inventory. The dank stank dope.

This is the ■■■■. I used it in a term paper myself, actually.

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anywhere we can take this test and compare results? i’m just curious

Anxiety is hard for me to fight. I take anti anxiety meds which help a lot. Only thing that seems to help is recognizition of my anxiety and the effects it has on me.

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i find that hard to do but i am trying, its hard to know where it is coming from and i find myself guessing all the time, 'could it be this., ‘could it be that’ it was the same when i had the ulcer in my stomach i used to get delusional about the food and its affects on me, drink as well :confused: its really fkd up,