Is it possible to hear a voice after being medicated

Today I think I heard a voice on 2 separate occasions.

I was at work, my brother has this new joke (who I work with) where he calls me “poppin fresh” and pokes me in my stomach. A colleague did this to me today and I was a bit annoyed, they’re basically taking the piss out of me because of the weight I’ve put on.

Anyway I’ve been a bit depressed these past couple days because I read an old text message from an ex-friend and it reminded me of the ■■■■ storm I’ve been through.

I heard another colleague (a nice Nepalese woman) call me poppin fresh and then laugh when I wasn’t looking at her directly. I think this is very out of character for her but I was sure enough of hearing her say it, I exclaimed. "Did you just call me poppin fresh? I thought my brother had been telling people to say it to me.

When the shift ended I was doing my final checks, it was me and this Nepalese woman in the room and as I walked past her I heard he say something under her breath.


I’ve been on risperidone injections once every two weeks for over a year now, I’ve stayed away from drug use and only drink. I haven’t heard a voice since coming on this medication.

Is it possible to hear a voice after being medicated for so long?

I was wandering if the depression and dwelling in the past since that text message I read (a mild PTSD) had made me have a sort of mini relapse? Not to say I have, I’m just finding myself a little fed up with life these past couple days, I’ve been pretty up beat since the illness has been medicated and I’m not deluded anymore.

Maybe the Nepalese woman said something else.

I just wanted to get some advice.

I’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

What did she say to that?

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She just said no and the people around us at the time said no as well. I’m not dwelling on wether she did or not, I probably just misheard her. But I deffinetly heard her say something. Wether it was reality or not, I just want to know if you can hear a voice after being medicated. I know some people have to take meds for the rest of their lives. But yeah, just wandering if it is possible. It not something I want to ask my doctors. I’m suppose to come off my meds next year. I really want to. I’ve put on so much weight.

Plenty of people here still hallucinate on meds. But the consensus is it is improved.


Ahh ■■■■. Maybe I did then. Perhaps it’s got something to do with being negative for a long period of time. Because I haven’t consciously had an hallucination since being on the meds I thought they have sorted out the imbalance.

I’m alright tho. Im at a pub and I’m not hearing things from the people around me.

If it persists I will speak to my doctor or take some time off. Boss is on holiday so I’m doing lots of hours, staying up late, working 6 days week. I’m a chef if you were interested.


I was on 60 mg latuda for a long time… I was doing a lot better, but I still had my voices and I still had visual and tactile hallucinations…

No where near as severe and crippling as I used to have, but still with me…

My Latuda got amped up to 80 mg and now my head is mostly silent…

When I’m stressing or having a panic attack or something the voices will come back… but again… no were near as loud… frequent… or mean as they used to be.

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I’m on 20 mgs of haldol and 160 mgs of latuda and I still hallucinate. Audio, visual and tactile.

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I’m on 25 mg Abilify and hallucinate. I can hear people passing me call me whore.

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Ok, well I have definitely made major progresses from the schizophrenia as well. I have been on medication from age 16-26 wow that is ten years man. I have gotten so much better over time. Education really caused me to look into why I was hallucinating, and I don’t know if somehow studying psychology and understanding the hallucinations themselves better is why I stopped hallucinating or having delusions. Delusions seemed to be the main source of the hallucinations because if you are not able to rationalize a thought or believe to be false or possibly true, then you can’t successfully ignore an irrational perception. So I’m not sure exactly but I can point this out: I went through severe onset hallucinations and disconnection. It was in my re-integration with society and my redefining of my self that I got better, still not without many many mistakes in this life journey. I feel resolute in my characterization of myself or the person I want to aspire to be more like.

But I am kind of depersonalized and I always have been out of normal bounds. Either too happy, too shy, too smart, too slow, too fast etc. I just never fit in with everyone else around me or acted like normal people. I was slower at some things and faster at others. My energy was so drained by the illness, instead of trying to take back all the things schizophrenia stole from me- I have devoted my exhausted resources to the simple motivation and moral compass I created for myself.

These morals I try to stay true to but are kind of integral to who I am: The adventure is in the climb, and the wisdom is earned not by reaching the top of the mountain but in the act of surviving and carrying on through challenges to reach different heights and new paths where all converge at one point, crossroads, decisions, mistakes and then attempts to do better by myself…

I think stress caused you to hear that voice or misinterpret what you thought you heard.

Most people have blind belief in what they are told is true or cultural or see around them.

You can’t depend on what you see. Schizophrenia has showed me that subjectivity still often can taint truth of experiences.

I contemplate the notion of how if I see something and know it existed and physically witnessed its reality…should i have to debate that on the basis of my illness or my own willing self exploration and are the two seemingly linked or completely separate?

I think they are separate issues. People with schizophrenia are supposed to be disconnected from reality, so they would not be logical enough to make such a profound observation on supernatural or spiritual things they witnessed aka curses or miracles that happened. So to bring up these points is irrelevant to the schizophrenic condition, but relevant to human nature so why not freely discuss the paranormal no matter who you are?

Ghosts…no one can explain them.

Voices…sometimes they feel like people talking to you. They take on personas, and give us messages that sometimes hinder us but could help us too if there were a venue for an acceptance of what the ““outside”” had to say. to them they seem real, to someone who hasn’t progressed and experienced it so often that over time learned to understand.

Think of a voice as outside of you, but non-existent. Think of how your personality and goals relate to your own self existence. Can the voice be given power by the observer? How does the mind trick and deceive us so well were we put together to evolve to suffer in torment. Or this could be a clue to human survival, a rare and potent miracle. Could even be at the root of consciousness itself who knows, as genius is linked by science to madness, bipolar, or extreme states of self.

To experience the full of reality we dove so deep we nearly drowned in our own existence.

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I can start having mild auditory hallucinations if I am really stressed out or dont sleep ie recently. Even despite taking Abilify and smoking less i have been experiencing them more.

Don’t drink or do drugs because that’s basically throwing your recovery away. I have a new therapist who is helping me in the issue of maintenance and not falling down the path of drugs and reckless behavior. I was so unaware of everything when I started drinking and things that followed from my reckless behavior, that I had an excuse because I didn’t want to fit in anymore.

It’s not how things work these days. I wish I was working right now when I’d rather be creative. When I work on tasks I feel more creative after wards. I need to get a job soon but I dont know how to start anymore. I wish I could say I’m successful financially as I am mentally. I’m just not able to get my foot in the door out of pure job anxiety.

Yes it’s possible to hear voices after medication years later. for some people full blown schizos even with medication they’re still completely schizophrenic. it’s a lot of what you don’t hear.
For example I think I heard around 80% of schizophrenics can make a recovery close to or even the same as they were pre-diagnosis with medication but for some they may be completely schizophrenic for life.
to put it simply; you hear all the schizos saying they want to go off medication? well it’s been proven for a fact that not all but quite a few schizos relapse if they are taken of the medication whether it be 1 month or 5 years after being taken off and you ultimately end up running the risk of having your schizophrenia come back so badly the second, third time around or whatever that it can be completely untreatable and may mean you’ll be in and out of hospitals for long stays for the rest of your life.
But yes, I hear the occasional voice briefly every so often but it’s nevver something huge like it was when I was going through schiz it’s so minuscule that I don’t even realize it half of the time.

What I have to say to those delusions.

I just recently started going back to church. I hadn’t been since before I started having sex and I worry that they all think that about me.

It’s good to see you back by the way.

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i used to hear crying babies when on risperidone! i think i had more hallucinations on it than off meds! (do not recommend being off meds btw) Recently i went to someone and asked if they said something and explained i didn’t care yes or no just needed to know if it was a delusion or not. I think that freaked them out more than them knowing i thought they might say what i thought they said. Sucks when you are having a hard time figuring out reality in situations like this. Best of luck with this try to stay positive and know episodes on meds go away. at least for me they do.

That’s ■■■■■■■ ■■■■, I want to come off meds, because of weight gain. If it didn’t make me put on weight I’d take the meds for the rest of my life, I can put of with the other side effects, I want a girlfriend and have done for ■■■■■■■ ages, just emotionally. It will be a huge positive impact for my life and I feel it’s more and more unobtainable the more weight I put on. I was seeing a girl for a couple months before I got diagnosed who was far out of my league looks wise, she has spoiled me haha! She left me tho, she could tell there was something not right with me, I was un-medicated at the time, so still tripping balls daily but I managed to keep it to myself most of the time.

I’ll see what the doctor says when I’m up for review next year, I hear they might take me off my meds.

Not all meds cause weight gain. Ask about Latuda or Geodon.

I’ve been on Geodon and Seroquel for over ten years, and yet I’ve heard things that the only explanation for was that they were hallucinations. I didn’t get too worried about it because I so seldom heard things like that. If what you’re hearing isn’t pervasive I wouldn’t worry about it too much.