Does anyone still hear voice even with medicine

I have been diagnosed schizoaffective and still hear voices it’s very difficult.

I’ve never heard many voices but I do still experience symptoms from time to time while on medication, usually when under a lot of stress.

Yes… I am on meds… but I do still hear voices… as I’ve gotten stronger… they have been fading.

I hope you feel better soon.

yeah i’m on meds and still hear voices. it’s a bugger but never mind.

I appreciate that I have been on so many different meds and still I hear them.The voices are not as bad but I thought they would go away completely.I feel a little better that other people have this problem too.

The meds help me with a lot of things… but it took therapy as well to learn how to ignore them… know they aren’t real… not get upset when they play rough…

Or maybe the meds are helping my mind heal and that’s why they are fading.

It’s taken time… but little by little…

Yes, but I’m not compelled to act on them/take orders from them. Also not as many in number and type. I hear fewer sounds as loudly, too, but unsure what that indicates. Sometimes it’s as if I have super acute hearing but that’s not the case on meds.

@SurprisedJ The voices do seem to fade over time, just not go away. I’ve been on the same medicine for 2 years and it has gotten better.

Yes, I think the medicine helps how I respond to them.

I still hear voices with meds I think it’s true it’s stress related how loud they get.

I haven’t heard much in the way of voices for almost a year, but I’m not sure it’s the meds keeping them away. I think they’re just sort of hibernating, waiting for my next big break to come back. So I guess as long as the meds keep me stable, they’re sort of keeping the voices away, but not directly. I can sometimes hear them murmuring, like they’re plotting something behind my back.

Yes, I’m on medication but still hear voices/noise in my head. Some days it’s not as strong, some blissful days I hear nothing, and I think it’s because of the medication, it just depends on in the medication is going through my system properly or if body is getting too used to the drugs and I need to change it. Lately though I’ve had a rather quiet head, some delusional thinking I had to fight a while ago but I’m back to normal now and even feeling a bit creative these days as I try work on a suitable ending for the novel I want to write (going through the outlining phase of it right now).

@sohare1981 I’m glad you’re doing better.I hope you get your novel finished.Im doing better I had to back to my old reliable medicine until Friday when the nurse has me try something different.

I’ve been clean and sober for 6 years.

I’ve been diligently med compliant for about 4 years

and it was about 2 years ago my meds got switched up and it seems the magic recipe has finally be found for now. Half the dose of Seroquel with double the Latuda

Get off the heavy Zoloft and go to Xanax and now very recently to Valium for anxiety.

So I consider my remission pretty recent… 2 years that I’ve really been feeling like I’m getting a hold of my life.

I hear voices. I’m on 25 mg Abilify and 300 mg Seroquel. I don’t act on the voices. Only med that made the voices go away was Flupentixol. But that made me a zombie.

Only occasionally and unexpectedly, but it does happen.

@Brea99 finished the outlining phase, just have to write the story now…