Anyone had no voices before they taking their meds?

first , i had no voices but i am quite psychotic , i wonder is there anyone who only had voices after taking their meds/ when they withdrew from them , and they had heard no voices at the beginning but are unwell also.

I never heard voices. Before during or after meds.


I had voices years before my diagnosis, I had voices at 17 y.o., I was diagnosed at 21.

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They became violent and told me to kill myself at 21.y.o I ended up in the emergency from intoxication.

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thanks for your information :smiley:

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would it be possible for anyone with schizophrenia (no voices) to start hear voice which is never experienced but in withdrawal after long time of use of the meds?

Yes, it is possible.

I went for years being bipolar and hearing no voices. And then suddenly, at age 34, I began having olfactory hallucinations. At which point, I was diagnosed sza. Then, later, at age 43, I began having auditory hallucinations. But they were of music and mumbling voices.

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This is what I got when looking up a definition for psychosis.

" A person in a psychotic episode may also experience depression, anxiety, sleep problems, social withdrawal, lack of motivation, and difficulty functioning overall."

Well, this would mean psychosis all the time. I would also use this to describe my brother.

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are there any change of meds in these years then? are ur voices gone completely now?

ya definitely , i am not saying that not hearing voice is not psychosis but just thinking about the withdrawal process can trigger the hallucination symptoms of schizophrenia for who have never experienced

I didn’t hear voices until I was already in hospital. I was severely underweight and delusional . They put me on a medication they told me was for weight gain. Which happened to be olanzapine. Then I heard voices. I always felt played for that one tbf

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ya i would say i am very delusional too, but not hearing voices but i would say are thoughts/ musics looping in my head. Are ur voice completely gone then?

No i still have them, although I’m not delusional anymore and I’m better at keeping my lips locked and insight about my old delusions

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